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About Cape Verde Tips Information

There are direct flights from the UK but some people occasionally travel here via Lisbon, Paris, Brussels, Milan, Spain, Gran Canaria, Casa Blanca, Barcelona, Copenhagen, Azores and other airports if direct 'flight only' prices prices are too expensive.

All inclusive hotels have been built on Sal and Boavista, with more planned, some offering package holidays. There are still a number of family run hotels on Sal which have opened their doors to a number of different tour operators, instead of letting the larger tour operator becoming  'exclusive'.

There are now more British and European Nationals living and working on the islands, mostly on Sal. Many of the local Cape Verdean people working in hotels can now speak some English or are being taught English so they can communicate with the growing number of English speakers arriving from different countries.

Many people have chosen to invest on the islands, there is some information and comments about experiences with moving to Cape Verde, owning property in Cape Verde and living or working in Cape Verde.                            

Within this section you can browse though general information, news, faqs, blogs and more to find further information about the islands, what they can offer you as a holiday destination or as an investor.