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About Cape Verde Tips

How this website started

The idea for this website came after visiting the island of Sal in September 2005.

Having watched the TV programme 'A Place in the Sun' early in 2005 about the islands of Cabo Verde (Cape Verde), I was immediately interested in what they offered.... all year round sunshine.

I carried out some research before visiting Sal. There were a number of websites already set up in English, Italian, Portuguese and German on Cap Vert, Cabo Verde, Cap Verdes, Kaap Verdie, but not many good ones about the Cape Verde isles, in English, that I could find.

Cape Verde is made up of 10 islands but the television programme was promoting Sal as the main up and coming tourist island destination. I decided I wanted to come and visit the island and made arrangements to travel there. There were no direct flights from the UK at that time so I traveled out via Lisbon.

After carrying out further research whilst on Sal I began pulling information together as I could see there was obviously going to be a lot of interest in the islands in the coming years.

On return to the UK at the end of my holiday I started writing about my visit and experiences traveling there. It seemed this drought hit island had made an impact, the people were friendly, the beaches in the south of the island in Santa Maria were white with clear blue crystal waters, the climate was fantastic and there were already other nationalities living and working there. What this island was lacking as regards infrastructure, trees, water, grass and much more I told myself, would change in time.

So, with about 40 pages of information and tips that I wanted to share I decided the best way to do it would be to start my own website. The name became quite obvious and it was called 'Cape Verde Tips'.

People still ask where is Cape Verde? Where are the Cape Verde Isles? I still receive emails saying we are visiting Cape Verde and asking if I can recommend good restaurants, fishing operators etc.,but they don't mention which island they are visiting. Some people still think Cape Verde is one island! So there is still a lot to do educating people.

In addition to this website, I launched a second website in June 2009 called 'Expats Cape Verde'. This provides information in English from Expats, other nationals or local people who wish to promote or provide information about something that has happened or is taking place in Cape Verde. Most of the news comes from people on Sal, but we also receive an input from some expats on Boavista. The newsletter was initially produced every fortnight, but has now changed to weekly. You can subscribe to receive the newsletter by email, by registering here, it's FREE: Expats Registration

After over 9 yrs of living and working on the island, with a short break in between, I have seen some positive changes. There are new hotels, bars, activities and more people arriving looking for a place in the sun in Cape Verde.

There are direct flights from the UK but some people occasionally travel here via Lisbon, Paris, Brussels, Milan, Spain, Copenhagen and other European airports if the UK 'flight only' prices are too expensive.

All inclusive hotels have been built on Sal and Boavista, with more planned. There are still a number of family run hotels on Sal which have opened their doors to a number of different tour operators, instead of letting the larger tour operator becoming  'exclusive'.

There are now more British and European Nationals living and working on the islands, mostly on Sal. Many of the local Cape Verdean people working in hotels can now speak some English or are being taught English so they can communicate with the growing number of English speakers arriving from different countries.

There is always information available on this website and the Expats Cape Verde website which will hopefully help you consider whether Cape Verde is your place in the sun.

Cape Verde Tips also now provides wedding services on Sal Island. For more information about 'Love and Devotion' readings, Blessings and Renewing Vows, click here: Marriage Blessings on Sal