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Building and Contents Insurance

Some people are making their own enquiries on personal liability insurance & building insurance. Not just for homes, but for commercial properties too.

Check what building guarantees are offered by the building company/development, whether it's a new build or a re-sale.

Have you got the guarantees in writing?

Is it written in Portuguese and in English?

Are the written guarantees in Portuguese legal?

What do you need the cover for?

1. Are you moving out to live in the CV home permanently?

2. Will you rent it out to family and friends?

3. Do you intend to solely rent it out?

Read the conditions of cover, are you covered for accidents to 3rd parties who could put in a claim against you. If the cover is from a Cape Verde Insurance cover, is the info in Portuguese and English or a language you can understand to make sure it's the right type of cover for your needs?

Are you covered for breaks-ins, stolen items, damage to furniture, water leaks, accidents in the home etc.etc?

Are you covered for damaged caused by leaks from your neighbours property (above/next door).

What won't be covered in the policy?

There are a few companies on Sal that provide insurance cover, I would assume that they provide cover for properties on other islands too. I am not sure if their terms and conditions are provided in English.

You may find that companies in the UK may provide cover for 2nd homes in Cape Verde, such as the following

Insurance for your property in Cape Verde

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