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Cape Verde Islands


Hidden Journeys


The Hidden Journeys Project aims to enliven the flying experience and transform it into a fascinating exploration of the people, places and environments thousands of metres below by providing inspiring information to air travelers about the parts of the world they fly over such as Cape Verde.


Impressions of Cape Verde

Some comments from visitors to Cape Verde and from those that have moved here. (....)



Cape Verde & Santiago: Has a large international airport. The main capital City of Praia (for Cape Verde) is on Santiago.

March 08: 15 Brits living & working in Praia.

Many areas [...]

Sao Vicente


The flight bringing you towards the island of Sao Vicente from Sal will provide views of the coastal areas of Baia das Gatas and Calhao if you are viewing out [...]

Sal Island Terrain


The photo on the next page, taken from a plane looking down over Vila Verde (left) and Santa Maria (far right) on Sal, shows the flat landscape of the south of the island. Photo taken by Mr. S.Leese, Barnsley.
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Sal Island


For those of you that have just seen photos in magazines, property brochures or an artist’s impression of Sal you may be in for a bit of a shock when [...]


Boa Vista

Only a 15minute flight from Sal. May 07: The new airport is far from ready, although the runway looks good.

On flying over the island before landing I know exactly [...]



The Island of Maio - July 08

The flight to Maio from Praia, Santiago was short and sweet, a full 10mins. It was a cloudy morning but on approach and looking [...]

Santo Antao


On arriving by boat on the Ferry from Sao Vicente and into the port at Porto Novo, the landscape in front of you again is barren but mountainous.

Half an hour’s [...]


Sao Nicolau

December 07 - a very short mornings visit was made to Sao Nicolau. An opportunity to take a quick look at what it was like.

The flight from Sal to Sao [...]