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Cape Verde Islands

There are 10 islands that make up the archipelago of Cape Verde. Cape Verde gained it's independence from Portugal in 1975. The capital island is Santiago. Santiago is also the business capital and has the highest population.

The Cape Verde Islands have become more popular with British, Irish, European tourists and travelers who are able to take advantage of some cheap direct flights to Cape Verde for holidays through Travel Agencies. The main tourist island is Sal, with the main hotels and resorts situated on the south of the island in Santa Maria.

Some flights will be more expensive during the holiday periods, but there are still some bargains to be found outside of these times, especially at the last minute. There are four international airports on the islands of Sal Island, Boavista, Santiago and Sao Vicente.

There are a range of hotels and accommodation types from which you can choose. Sal and Boavista have some All Inclusive Hotels. The islands of Santo Antao, Maio, Fogo, Brava, Sao Nicolau will have fewer and smaller hotels to choose from. The island of Santa Luzia is uninhabited.

You may prefer to rent accommodation. There is more rental accommodation on the island of Sal, as there has been more investment in property on the island than others within Cape Verde. Boavista has also seen more foreign investment in holiday properties.

The climate here is good with plenty of warm to hot sunny days and is ideal for some winter sun. The summer period may be too hot and humid for some visitors to Cape Verde, although the school holidays in the summer are popular with Italians and Portuguese. Sal and Boavista have been generally quieter during the summer than the winter, mainly as there are more winter flights operating to bring tourists here for some winter sun, however this is slowly changing with more tourists looking to visit Cape Verde in the summer.

Sal has lovely beaches, an international airport with a mixture of  Cape Verdean and foreign businesses. Water sports activities including scuba diving are available throughout the year, although windsurfing and kite surfing are mainly winter time activities due to the wind and wave conditions in the winter months.

Boavista is also popular and new flights are bringing in more tourists to the island. Boavista is much bigger than Sal Island and has many more white sandy beaches, but with little development.

There are also flights to Scandinavian countries, Belgium, France, Spain, Germany and more.