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Eclipse Website Design and Build Packages



Don’t delay, the sooner you get your new website online the sooner the search engines will list you, enabling your customers to find you. So start the process for generating extra revenue today.

All websites and online businesses built on Eclipse hosting are 100% customisable by "you" so please remember, whatever design and build package you select today could be completely unrecognisable tomorrow.

Our website design and build prices:


  • Pilot Website (1 Page)*
  • Introductory Website (5 Pages)
  • Intermediate Website (10 Pages)
  • Advanced Website (20 Pages)
  • Full Ecommerce Website

  •    £149
  •    £399
  •    £599
  •    £999
  •   £1499


    Our website design and build packages include the following:

    • Free consultation and advice throughout the design and build process
    • One of our professionally designed and 100% customisable templates**
    • The design and build of the page/s for your chosen package
    • Upload of your text and pictures
    • Upload of your company logo
    • Program and set up of 5 internal hyper links (with captions if needed) #
    • Free domain name search and set up***
    • Sending your new website live to the World Wide Web
    • 1hr of one-to-one help with the Eclipse hosting software. #


    See our website design and build Terms and Conditions.

    See our monthly Hosting and Management Plans.

    Read about our latest product - NEW Advanced Web Hosting Software programmed to enable "you" to be in control of your website and online business.

    Prices above are as at 1st May 2010. Prices and terms are subject to change on the Eclipse website from 1st May 2010. Please check the Eclipse website for up-to date information!


    *special Terms and Conditions apply.

    **You do not have to select one of our system templates. Read about our website templates and your options.

    **Actual purchase price of domain name is not included.

    # Not included with Pilot Build Package.

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