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Emergency-Services (Archive)

Emergency Services


Police: Police can sometimes be seen standing on the pavements, this helps deter illegal traders from approaching you. Police also drive around in vehicles and a few on motorbikes or quads on Sal. Sao Vicente and Santiago have more Police and more vehicles.

Wear your seat belts in the front of your car; it’s not necessary in the rear seats. The Police may stop and fine you if you don’t wear them, it’s about a 45 euro fine.

Many of the Police do not understand or speak English, so making a report for any reason may be questionable, especially if it’s over the phone, would advise people to use a translator to ensure communications are understood, both ways.

It is illegal to work here without a Visa. Some people have been asked to leave or directed to leave.

Driving a vehicle in Cape Verde requires you to have a driving licence. You will need to exchange your licence for a Cape Verde licence after 6months although this hasn't been enforced on some islands (Sept 09).

The Police Station is situated next to the School in Santa Maria. However the main Police Station on Sal is in Espargos.

Fire Brigade:
I did witness the local fire service attend to a small fire in a hotel. Not quite sure if it could cope with a large fire, although there is a Fire Service based at the airport with more fire engines.

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