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Dogs and Cats

Dogs and Cats in Cape Verde

SOS – Cape Verde Dog Rescue:

New association set up on Sal January 2011. Read more [....]


Birds in Cape Verde

There are approximately 190 bird species found within the islands of Cape Verde. Those with an interest in Bird watching should read an interesting article which is attached....click on the title, then open the link.


Whales and Dolphins

There are at least 16 identified species (dolphins and whales) in our sea (Source: INDP). In Murdeira bay there are records of humpback whales (Megaptera novaeangliae) for breeding [...]


Turtles & The Law

Dec - 08 :SOS Tartarugas (Turtles)

Lots of babies being born in the hatchery. We have gift certifcates, please email for more information or adopt on line at www.turtlesos.org.(....)


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