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Flights - Cape Verde


Terminals at Airports Check at your European departure airport and whether there is more than one terminal/airport in that city or two different arrival and departure areas at one airport, whether you have to transfer for your next flight, how do you transfer, how much time will it take etc.

Tourist Information Websites If you are traveling via other airports check how far it is to railway stations, bus stations and from the City Centre if you have time to shop/tour.  
Flights  - 2012 Thomas Cook (Belgium) will be making new contracts for their customers to stay on the island of Sal during 2012.  Inter island flights can be booked through a number of Agencies on Sal, Why not try an island hopping package. We have a new 'White Pages - Sal Island' section for those looking for more information on Sal island: Tourist Guide - Sal island  
Flights only - 2011 Many people are looking for cheap flights to Cape Verde, not just from the UK. For more information please click here: FLIGHTS ONLY  
Flights to Cape Verde - 2010 Flights from the UK will be increased later in 2010. There is a Forum on Flights within our sister site - Expats Cape Verde. Within the forum you will find info on flights, new flights for this year and 2011. Flight Forum  
Flights to Cape Verde - 2009 If you are flying from the UK then there is a set standby price that is used. However for flights from Sal to the UK they use the price that is appearing on their system which is usually the online price. This works both ways though as if the price is coming in on their systems for example as being €130, then that is how much the standby seat will be for that day.

July -09 : The standby tickets that used to be sold at the airport through the Tui staff for the fixed price of 200euros has now changed and can cost between £90 to having to pay over £300 for a one way ticket.

The Tui Travel Info Centre in Santa Maria takes bookings for people wishing to return to the UK from Sal Island. There are certain conditions attached to this, but at least its a service that some people use.

Landing Cards:Many people forget to fill in landing cards on the way back and returning from Sal. If you don’t get one from the airline when traveling to your chosen airport you must pick one up at the airport before joining the queue to catch your next flight, or you’ll be sent back to get a form and then you will have to re-join the queue again.

On some of the indirect flights to Cape Verde, I can’t remember how many times I had to show tickets, boarding cards, landing cards or passports, but it seemed a lot, usually just after I had put them away in a safe place!

But apart from that if you are flying direct into Cape Verde from your home country you will just have one slip to fill in. The space at the bottom isn't big enough to take all the numbers on your passport, so you have to squeeze numbers in.

Note: On behalf of the few Britt's on Sal, if any of you are traveling out from the UK to Sal, please don't leave any papers/mags you have brought out with you on the plane, we would love to read them.


Sao Vicente : The international airport on the island of Sao Vicente opened after a few delays.

UK - Boavista:

Flights from the UK fly to Boavista now include Glasgow and Bristol Airports.



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