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Flights-Cape-Verde-2008 (Archive)

Flights 2008-09

The travel tips within this section include info on flights to Cape Verde from Europe and between the Cape Verde islands (....)

Time Zone: Cape Verde is 2hrs behind the UK during the summer and one hour during the winter. Those making their way to Cape Verde via Germany may have to consider a 3hr/2hr time difference when planning their connections. Times will vary depending on which country you travel in and out of!


April 18th - stated that they will not be selling flights from Cape Verde to UK on a one way or return basis and returns can only be booked with the outbound flight originating in the UK.
However, seats can be set up for longer periods of time such as 28 days+, but this must be queried with the Call Centre at the time of booking – This cannot be booked online.
Unfortunately Thomson’s licence will only allow this route as a return that originates in the UK....END Message...

Return flights from the UK from 1st May 08 were around £600 for one or two weeks. However, a number of people managed to pick up some late, cheaper deals as prices dropped nearer to the departure date.

Hopefully those that manage to buy a cheaper package holiday offered by Thomsons or another Travel Agency, will still venture out of their hotels and into the village of Santa Maria.

The local people and new European investors in businesses need the tourists as much as the hotels. Some ex-pats are concerned that many tourists aren't always venturing out from some hotels on their own.

May 12th 08: Blocks of seats on flights are bought up by a few Travel Agents. Some expats have managed to secure a last minute one way flight from Sal to UK (and visa versa) for under £150.

May 08: Standby: You can take your chance at the airport by asking if you can go on Standby. This is a risk you need to consider and it is always wise to have a back up plan in case all seats have been sold for that flight, especially from the UK (either from MAN or LGW aiports) to Sal. People have been paying 200euros from Sal to UK, but coming out from UK the standby price varies.

Sept 08: Thomsonfly have been allowing people to purchase 'one way' flights on via thei website, either from UK to Sal or from Sal to UK.

Sept 08: Standby flights may not be an option fom Sept 08, but please make enquiries with Thomson as it seems the rules keep changing for different months.

Sept 08 : A number of people who had booked holidays/flights with Exel/Zoom are being offered Cape Verde with Thomsons/Tui. Spare seats that were available to travellers for flights only to Sal have been more difficult to find. Those returning to Sal are once again looking for alternative routes via Europe.

Oct 08 : The cost of return flights from the UK for the winter have been quite expensive but some people are taking the chance on getting cheap one way flghts to Sal and hoping to get a cheap one way for the return journey. Others are a bit more flexible and choose to fly out from one UK airport on a one way, then into another for the return as a one way. It has worked out a lot cheaper.

Cape Verde Travel
have been selling one way flights from Sal to UK.

If the relevant info isn't found on their website then phone them, as they may not advertise it on their website.
Tel : 0845 270 2006

May 16th 08 :
Cape Verde Experience were offering a 2 week flight only for £319 including visa from Gatwick to Sal. At all other times the prices till November were between £449 - £559. However, keep checking in case they drop the pricenearer the departure date.

Charter Flights
have also been selling one way flights from UK to Sal.

If the relevant info isn't found on their website then phone them, as they may not advertise it on their website.
Tel: 0845 045 0153

Holiday Options
announced they were taking bookings for a Thomson flight from Manchester into Sal (Cape Verde) for June 2008.
Aug 08: I have been informed that Holiday Options will be selling the following flights, apparently they have done a deal with Thompson FLY and that they will be able, along with other independent agents, to sell tickets on the following routes..... I have no idea of the cost.
London Gatwick to Sal commencing 3/11 to 27/04/09 - MONDAYS
London Gatwick to Boavista commencing 7/11 to 24/4 - FRIDAYS
Birmingham to Sal commencing 7/11 to 24/4 - FRIDAYS
Manchester to Sal commencing 4/11 to 28/4 - TUESDAYS
All weekly morning departures from UK 1000/1100 hrs
Boeing 757 AIRCRAFT
Note: You will have to check availability of 'one way fights' directly with Holiday Options.

You may want to consider flights via Italy, Holland, France, Portugal or Germany or other countries, so check out :


Skyscanner, enter Cape Verde (CV) as the departure country and either Sal (SID) or Prai (RAI) as the departure City/airport. You can check both direct and indirect flights. You can choose to look at a specific month/date or for the whole year. A search will provide you with a list of the countries to which it fly's. From here on you can plan your route from or to Cape Verde, either on direct or in-direct flights.

Flights via Italy

There are two Italian Travel Agencies based in Santa Maria, Sal. They have one way/return, direct and indirect flights to and from Sal from various airports and terminals in Italy - Verona/Bergamo, Bologna/Rome and Milan (Malpensa):
MORGANA - morgana@cvtelecom.cv
NOTE: Although I was told I could arrange payment via the UK for my return flight, they didn't tell me at the time that I had to make the payment in cash in their office in Sal, this could prove difficult when you are actually in the UK!!
JUMBO TOURS - booking.cv@jumbotours.es.......www.jumbotours.com
NOTE: I emailed them a few times from the UK but didn't get a response, don't think they have anyone that understands English, at the moment.

TUI Fly:
is also worth taking a look at although they too stop a number of flight routes from May until November to and from Germany with HapagFly, but it seems the Munich route still operates on a Wednesday, with one stop in Tenerife. Or, Dusseldorf via Las Palmas on a Wednesday. Check them out on the website: http://www.hapagfly.com. I hear that Ryan Air have cheap flights to Düsseldorf Weeze Airport, but its 85klms away from Dusseldorf International Airport (see below). Also that Flybe will also be flying to Düsseldorf from the UK (not sure airport though).

Sept 08 - Dusseldorf
Due to the problems with Exel and Zoom, people making their way over to Sal (one way) are having difficulty finding available seats on direct flights as they are being made available to people who thought they had lost their holiday as a result of what had happened.
However, Skyscanner may identify some suitable alernative routes such as the one via Dusseldorf. Note: The main and only airport in Dusseldorf is DUS Intenational (INT). On enquiring about the other - Dusseldorf Weeze, I was informed it wasn't actually in Dusseldorf, but some 85klms away. Some people had been caught out by this and are still being caugt out. Making the wrong airport booking may result in a panic to try and get from one airport to the other to get the onward flight. Flights onto Sal are from Dusseldorf International. There is no direct form of transport between each airport other than a taxi, which will be very expensive.
If you have some flexibility with your travel dates, you may be abe to travel to Dusseldorf Weeze or International Airport the day before on a cheap flight, then book cheap accomodation for the night and fly onto Sal/UK the next day. This would also give you time to travel from one DUS airport to another.
Look out for any 'Smile' rates for flights with Tui from Dusseldorf Int to Sal, one was purchased on 24th Sept 08 for 17 euros + taxes (71 euros total).

Then there is
www.flytap.com via Portugal, they can be expensive.
TAP office in Sal airport opening hours:
Monday : 2p.m. - 5.30p.m. & 8.30p.m. - 3a.m.
Tue - Sun : 8.30p.m. - 3a.m.
Tel: Reservations (00238) 241 1195
Fax: (00238) 241 1387
E: loja.sal@tap.pt

: Flights from London to Sal were to start on 10th July 08. Contracts were been signed with TACV and a number of Travel Agents in UK took options on block bookings in order to get the service off the ground.
UPDATE: June 16th - Informatin received: A decision was taken by TACV to pull on the Gatwick service on 6th June.
TACV office at Sal Airport opening hrs: 8.a.m. - 11.30a.m. & 2p.m.- 5p.m. Mon - Fri. Closed weekends. Reservation enquiries: reservas@tacv.aero

Alternatively, you can buy cheap one way flights from UK airports to European airports, then pick up a TACV flight from there to Sal. The TACV website isn't on line, so check on the Skyscanner website to see which European airports have TACV flying from them, to Cape Verde.

Other agencies include Rumbo :
www.rumbo.com or Ebookers and Opodo.

Hotel stays:
For information on hotels that meet your needs and your budget:
UK & Ireland: www.holidayextras.co.uk
Europe and the rest of the world: www.holidayconnect.co.uk

Flights from Birmingham to Cape Verde start in November 08 with Thomsonfly.

For airline routes and destinations (not Charter) check out : www.asa.cv

For flights from Cape Verde to Brazil check out : www.amadeus.net

Which ever route you take, read some of the travel experiences under this 'Travel' section.

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