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With travel being affected and prices of flights fluctuating for various reasons, everyone is looking to save on flight prices not just from the UK but other countries.

You will find some links to cheap flights or travel links within the travel section and other related pages on this website. The links will provide you with help to find cheap flights from or to the UK via
Cheapflights.co.uk but also a route that may be more suitable via Belgium, France, Germany,Luxembourg or other countries by checking on Skyscanner.

Some comments have been posted on the Forum of our sister website which you may wish to read through or add a comment of your own. There are a number of topics and postings from different people : Expats Cape Verde Forum


Shore Fishing - Sal Island

  • Shore Fishing

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    Shore Fishing

    Fishing from the Shore - Come catch some fish with us

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    Deep Sea Fishing



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    Visa Options

    There are a few ways to obtain and extend your visa.

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    Weddings Cape Verde

    We provide marriage blessing ceremonies on the island of Sal, Cape Verde

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