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Friends-of-Nature-Sao-Vicente (Archived - Travel)

Friends of Nature

An article on this Association which is based on Sao Vicente will be published in near future. However I can provide some information from about the Association that I recall when visiting and speaking to the co-ordinator on a visit to Mindelo on Sao Vicente 12th - 14th October 2009.

See photos below.


The Association has been involved in a number of projects on Sao Vicente. The reforestation of lands from the airport resulted in a green carpet in large areas between the airport and Mindelo.

Sewage works

The dirty water from the sewage works is pumped up to higher areas of ground to water the trees that stretch on a downward decline towards Mindelo and the port.

Plant Nursery

There are two plant nurseries where they grow plants from cuttings and seed. Some of the seeds which were imported are not so popular with the loacl people, so they are now looking for alternative varieties.

Animal Farm

There are goats, ducks, rabbits, pigs and sheep. The sheep have been imported from Africa.

Adult sow at animal farmBird pen at Animal farmGoats on right. Sheep on left, imported from AfricaInside tunnel with hydroponics - Nursery 2Nursery 2 - small hydroponic tunnelInside one of the tunnels at Nursery 2
Smaller of the two plant nursery'sNursery  2 - at animal farmAt second Nursery with Animal FarmOlder pigsPig and pigletsNursery 1- Cuttings for re-planting

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