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Fittings and Finishings in Properties

When buying off plan property, ask the seller to provide a full list of furniture and finishing’s, this should include light fittings, shower & boiler, sockets etc. If the plans or layout change get a revised list. It may be worth getting your own snagging inspection done using a private snagging inspector to check for broken tiles, damaged light switches, cupboard doors are aligned properly etc before signing acceptance of the property so you can get the developer to put things right first.

You may also want to ask about servicing of equipment. In the case of some water heaters, you may be able to prolong it's life if you have the heater maintained every year by the installation company. Make sure you obtain all relevant paperwork for all installations and equipment, so you can check manufacturers instructions or any warranty. Hopefully these will be available in a number of languages.


Some furnishings are shipped over from Europe and may therefore be more costly. Larger developments may ship over in bulk. You can ship your own possessions over, check out the charges with importers.


Some buildings may have Italian fittings. In 2006 I brought over my travel adapter from the UK which was suitable for the wall socket fitments in Cape Verde, but not for Italian fittings in some buildings therefor I couldn't I was unable to charge my laptop or use a hairdryer until I obtained the correct attachments. Some locks may be imported from Italy but if they get damaged or you need another key cut, it may be difficult to repair or replace. If you buy items from other countries just make sure that you can get replacements...i.e. lamps from UK may have different sized bulbs so they won't fit the UK lamp etc.

There are fewer shops on the less populated islands, but there is now a greater choice and more shops and businesses on the main islands of Sal, Santiago and Sao Vicente.

You may also want to try bringing over items in your checked in luggage and hand luggage, many people do, but be careful to check what isn't allowed!

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