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Health Care      

Health Care and Vaccinations

The type of medical provision on the islands at the moment may sway your decision on whether the islands are for you.

For medical or vaccination requirements vist the link to the VIS online service at bottom of page.

Sao Vicente has better medical facilities than Sal and the other islands.

The long awaited new hospital has opened  in Espargos on Sal (....)

The Murdeira Clinic, already in existence has some fantastic facilities the Doctor in charge of the facility is a top German Gaenocologist.

A new Clinic (Clnitur) has opened in Santa Maria. It is situated opposite the Djadsal Holiday Club (hotel).

Considerations: Those with mobility difficulties will need to consider lack of proper roads, pavements and generally getting about.

2011 : Roadworks started this year and the new Boulevard between Santa Maria and the Crioula hotel is under construction.

Toilet access in restaurants and bars, some are upstairs/downstairs.

Wheelchairs will also be uncomfortable over the uneven cobbled stones, especially if users are elderly.

A few developments are looking to install lifts to each floor.

Click on the link below to see recent recommendations on the VIS website (Vaccine Information Service).

NOTE: May 08- Those that have been working and living on the islands are now being asked to produce evidence of their Vaccination Records when re-applying for a visa. One person was also asked to go and have a Medical.....she went to the hospital in Espargos. She was given a written certificate which she had to pay for, without even being looked at by the Doctor! She had to pay for the certificate though! Don't let them keep your originals, get photo copies or you will have to pay for a new record to be sent over from UK, maybe they won't send one!

August 09 -  Doctor Helga at Clinitur Medical Centre says that even though we may have had the Hepatitis A vaccine as a combination vaccine in the UK, which is supposed to last 10yrs, those that live on the islands should have the Hep A vaccine every 12months (in June), as new strains are passed on from person to person.

September 2011: Doctor Helga is opening her own clinic in Santa Maria in September.


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