Higher Prices


Some agents seem to be asking, what I see, as high prices for properties they are selling not just in Santa Maria but Murdeira also. I am sure its happening on other CV islands too.

I have spoken to some Cape Verdean Island people who are very concerned that some properties are being over priced; they would prefer that this didn't happen but want people to know that this is occurring. They want the Britt’s & Irish to invest in the islands but not if it affects the economy in a negative way.

When looking at an apartment you could also check if other agents are selling the same property at a different price, it does happen. At least when you are on the islands you can have a good look around. Don't be pressurized into buying just because the agent says ' I must inform you that we have other people interested in this property’. What you have to think about is if you buy at a high price, in this country it’s unlikely that you will sell at much of a profit. Also, you are not doing the country and other Britt’s any good. You might even not be able to sell your property at the price you are asking. There is also something else to consider, if you buy high, you may have to sell for less if more properties are coming on the market! With all this to consider we better do what we should be doing best in the UK - haggling! Whenever we buy in the UK, we put in an offer, don't we? We are the clients; it should be a buyers market! If you don’t try, you’ll never know. It may help the situation especially when local people can’t afford some of the properties that we are looking at buying.

Look at those built by local and smaller developers and compare with the larger bigger Agencies/developers, you may get better value for money, but you won't know until you have been and seen them yourself.