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There are only a small number of Hotels/Accomodations that are currently advertising on Hostel Bookers, as you can see from the link opposite.

You don't need to be a 'HOSTEL' to join Hostel Bookers and to use their POWER HOSTEL booking engine.

Accomodation in Cape Verde (1st May 2010) :
English / Portuguese
Information on PowerHostel booking engine: English (Below) / Portuguese

 Please read their Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy within their website.


At no cost - and for minimal effort - we are able to offer you the [PowerHostel], a booking engine suitable for any hostel or accommodation website.

Imagine how great it would be to receive confirmed online bookings from your own website, in the same way you receive HostelBookers bookings!

How does it work?
Powerhostels uses HostelBookers technology to process confirmed reservations, where you can accept and manage bookings for your property on your own website.
The PowerHostels booking engine is fully integrated with the HostelBookers website, so all bookings made on your PowerHostels booking engine are integrated into your HostelBookers backoffice.

We will send the reservations confirmation in your behalf from your selected email account and you will receive an email for every confirmed reservation and be able to view all bookings in your HostelBookers BackOffice, as normal.

Add Power to your accommodation website!

Setting up your PowerHostels booking engine and accepting online bookings is easy:
*  Sign up with PowerHostels for free
*  We create a booking engine for your website customized to have exactly the same look and feel as your site. If you have more than one property we can combine all your properties into one booking engine!
*  We send you a simple piece of JavasScript code to add to your website, at which point you can start accepting bookings on your website.
*  Prices and availability are managed from the HostelBookers backoffice system. If you're not a member of HostelBookers, don't worry - we can set you up to use only PowerHostels and provide a user name and login to manage availability and rates in a very simple to use backoffice system.

What are the benefits?
*  Accept your own online bookings - no more requests!
*  A professional and high value add-on for your website
*  Total control of your availability and prices at all times - You can view reports in your back office showing revenue statistics for bookings from your website (as well as Hostelbookers.com). You can print arrival lists and view booking details at any time.
*  Available in 7 languages: English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese and Spanish
*  Use features such as minimum length of stay, cancellation policy description, terms and conditions, release periods, special offers and more many more.
Check a few examples:

For more information contact Hostel BOOKERS and mention CAPE VERDE TIPS.


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