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Long-Term living in Cape Verde

Those islands that receive direct flights from other countries now receive more fresh produce than they did pre-2009. Goods such as items for the home are brought in as air freight or cargo ship.

The cost of living

Prices may vary from island to island. Fresh supplies arrive regularly on the main island sof Santiago and Sao Vicente. Some cargo boats may then sail on to Sal and other islands, but the extra fuel costs will be passed on to the buyer. Some large ships may be unloaded on the main islands and goods may be re-loaded onto other boats sailing to the smaller islands. Goods and fresh produce are more plentiful on Santiago and Sao Vicente and they are cheaper than on Sal. Read on: Living Costs

Tips for the Home

•If you don't have a Generator or not in a complex with a generator, don't forget the box of matches, to be positioned where you know you can find them immediately. More tips:Tips for the home

Investing in Property

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