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Inter Island Flights

I have been informed that TACV keep a number of spare seats available for Government officials who may have to travel between islands at short notice, if these seats are not used they will release them to those on a waiting list, 30mmins before take off. I have not been told this officially!

Pre-book flights or trips to other islands where possible prior to your departure from UK, you may not be able to get any flights to fit in with your stay on Sal otherwise. Also it would be best not to plan your return flight from another island to Sal for the day before you are due to fly back to UK, you may not get back in time.

NEWS on TACV - March 2019:

Cabo Verde Government wants to complete airport concession programme this year

NEWS on Binter Cabo Verde - May 2017:

Binter Cabo Verde guarantees efficient coverage of the archipelago’s islands

NEWS : Inter island flights

Inter Island flights can also be booked with Binter Cabo Verde via their website or through local travel agencies:


Check out the Amadeus website for inter island flights by clicking on the link below. Travel Agents use this site.



Above are the codes for the CV airports. Amadeus will only show timetable for Internal TACV flights. You cannot eticket at present, I understand it will be possible in the future.

TACV - internal airline flights:

The link for www.tacv.com is at bottom of page.
Tel: (00238) 241 2815
FAX: 241 2320

TACV London Office
Tel - 01964 536 191
Fax - 01964 536 192.

If you are travelling independently and are not expecting to be collected at the airport on arrival, you may want to try and book your internal flights to other islands before leaving the airport at the TACV office (if open).

You should always try and pre-check your flight times between the islands before you get to the airport.

TAP office in Sal airport opening hours:

Monday : 2p.m. - 5.30p.m. & 8.30p.m. - 3a.m.
Tue - Sun : 8.30p.m. - 3a.m.
Tel: Reservations.......... (00238) 241 1195
Fax: (00238) 241 1387
E: loja.sal@tap.pt

TACV office at Sal Airport opening hrs:

8.a.m. - 11.30a.m. & 2p.m.- 5p.m. Mon - Fri. Closed weekends.
Reservation enquiries: reservas@tacv.aero

Pre - Check list:•
Find out the times of flights to other island’s so you can get an idea of what you can fit in on your trip.
• Do the same for return flights.
• Check out the costs.
• Expect some flights to be fully booked.
• Have an alternative plan.
• Work out your travel plans so you know what days and times you need to travel on and the reasons why, before going to the desk.
• Be prepared for delays.
• Always confirm departure times before leaving for the airport.
• Expect possible cancellations.
• Always leave enough time for transfers.
• Contact a number of hotels and check availability.
• Make sure that you do not book the last flight from a particular island, the day before you are due to return to UK. Your flight from the island maybe cancelled, leaving you no way of getting back to catch your return flight to UK.
• Have a back up plan.
• Check when the Bank Holidays are on the islands you are visiting, they also have additional holidays on each island. It helps to know in case you arrive and find that some services are closed.
• Don't leave it till you have settled in your hotel until you contact the TACV office or to Barracuda Tours to make your arrangements.
• Barracuda Tours will check for available accommodation if you ask them, you may be able to get it cheaper if booking through them.
• Always double check all the booking details. Errors have been made on dates and times of flights on the tickets!
• Take your passports when you travel between islands, they do check it at the airport and at the hotels.

Comments from a few travellers in 2006 and 2007:

Comment 1: We found it difficult to confirm our Monday morning flight from Sal to Sao Vicente as the flight departed at 9.30a.m. and the offices were closed on the Sunday, the day before we were due to depart. Remember to pre-confirm flight time for all flights!

Comment 2: November 06 : If you get to the check-in (at least an hour before departure) you may find that the screen above the desk that shows your destination is closed, but you can check in at the other desks that are open.

Comment 3 : I confirmed my flight from Sal to one of the other islands before arriving at the airport. However while waiting in the departure lounge a number of announcements were made in Portuguese, apparently the plane was delayed. It should have left at 4.40p.m. At 5p.m.the TV screen showing departure times for destinations still showed departure at 4.40p.m. There was another announcement, again in Portuguese, most people left the lounge and joined a queue at the check-in desk. I and a number of other Europeans went to find someone who could explain what was wrong. We were told there was a technical problem with the plane and we had to re-book onto another flight. There were no other flights that day. Some people who had arranged further transfer flights were very annoyed as their travel plans were being affected. This is a normal occurrence when flying between islands! There are also occasions when flights are over booked, so that could affect your travel plans. Give enough time during your holiday to visit the other islands or just in case your travel plans are affected in this way.

Comment 4: I had forgotten to confirm the flight time from Sao Vicente to Santiago and didn’t know the flight had been delayed. We were already delayed by an hour before being told that there was a further delay.

Comment 5: Oct 07 - We arrived at the airport on SV and the person at the check - in desk tried telling us our names weren't on the flight bookings for that evening. However it was strange how a number of people who were not booked on our flight to Sal managed to get seats on an already full plane. The first TACV flight from Stansted had been delayed by 3hrs...... not good! The 3hrs delay resulted in missed connections and some people having to change their plans. Think the TACV flight from Stansted ceased shortly after it started!

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