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Investing Other Islands

Investing on other islands

Although there is a lot of investment taking place on Sal, those that think that Sal isn't for them may consider visiting the other islands. The island of Sao Vicente has the city of Mindelo, a thriving city and port. The rest of the island is less developed and developers/investors have marked their own large plots of land for developments similar to those on Sal. However you may wish to look at the individual apartment blocks that are being built which are situated in Mindelo. Alternatively you may want to consider buying your own plot of land in presently less developed areas of the island or what will eventually be near a golf course or marina. There are many options to consider.

Similar developments are planned for other islands, although each island is different, most with less of an infrastructure than Sal.

The islands of Sao Nicolau and Santo Antao will have more attraction to those who enjoy peace,scenery or walking. There is some information on the islands within this website and a number of photos and movies which can be found via the picasa web albums within the Photo Gallery.

I have visited a number of the other islands as a tourist and to gather information for this website. Some trips have been made with clients who were looking at investing as an alternative to Sal.

The scenery and cultural influence on each island may vary, however you won't know about them solely from reading about them in books or on websites. Each island has various opportunities to attract visitors and certain islands will attract investors.



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