If you are going to be delayed and possibly miss you connecting flight I would recommend that you collect your luggage, even if you don't want to take it to the hotel with you. It's at these times your luggage may not find its way onto the next plane you catch! Just think about it. There are too many people arriving in Sal who has gone without their luggage for a day or two or much longer, and it will spoil your visit.

On the flight from Heathrow to Milan, Alitalia charged me for the excess kgs I was now taking to Sal. I had one large box. I didn’t have any hand luggage so hoped that they would include the 5kgs hand luggage in with the weight of the box. The box weighed just under 30kgs, should have been 25kgs in total with the hand luggage.

If you are carrying oversized baggage, you will have to lift them onto the shuttle bus at Milan Airport as you can’t take your luggage trolley on the shuttle bus. If you are flying with Neos and you do have excess or over sized baggage, notify them via their website at least 48hrs before the flight, I was glad I did. Neos only allow 15kgs of luggage and 5kgs of hand luggage, therefore I was over by 10kgs and this time I didn’t have to pay, perhaps it was just luck this time.

May O8 -

London Gatwick to Verona - It would have been nice to have a quick look around Verona for a few hours but I hadn't done any research on where to go. However one of the main problems would have been storing the luggage as they didn't have anywhere to store it, the info desk said I could store it at the railway station which was a 12klm shuttle bus journey away and then take a 10 min stroll from there into the town, but it seemed too much hassle for me as I didn't have wheels on my luggage and had a very heavy laptop bag. You could pay for tickets on the shuttle bus at the Info desk though and the shuttle was just outside the Arrivals doors.

It was a bit touch and go with the overweight luggage. Checked in luggage weighed 17kgs instead of 15kgs and my laptop bag, which they weighed was over 10kgs, so the lady at the Check-in asked me to take my laptop out and carry it onto plane, this meant my luggage bag weighed just under 8kgs which she said they would allow, and that I could take my laptop on seperately. I also had a handbag filled with all sorts of things, thank goodness they didn't weigh that!