Italy to Sal

Milan : March 07 - £149 for one way flight from Heathrow to Milan (Malpensa) with Alitalia on the Tue afternoon, which would get me into Milan (Malpensa) early evening.

I had pre-booked the flight from Milan to Sal with Neos Air who provide last minute flights from Milan (Malpensa) to Sal. I paid 250 euros + tax for a one way flight; I believe they were offering a return for 400euros + taxes. The flight operates on a Wednesday leaving at 6.55a.m. I understand this is the same flight that Jumbo Tours also offer last minute flights on for 150euros one way (if available).

Verona :
May 08 - £177 for BA flight departing 6.20a.m. on a Fri got me into Verona at 9.35a.m.(Italian time).

Booked a last minute flght via Morgana Agents in Sal, cost 200 euros for a one way flight from Verona/Bergamo to Sal with Neos Air, departure time 14.55. Took 25mins to fly from Verona to Bergamo to change flight crew and load passengers. Arrival on Sal about 7.5hrs/8hrs after departing Verona.Note: I had to pay for the flight in cash at the Santa Maria office, if you are in the UK arranging the booking you will need to take this into consideration, as for me,I had to 'phone a friend'.

I noted that there was a Ryan Air ticket booth for last minute bookings at Verona Departures, that is worth remembering. Ryan Air don't show Verona as a destiantion on their website though!

The flight from Verona to Bergamo took 25mins. Only 26 people boarded the Neos Air plane at Verona, but nearly all but a few seats were taken as people got on at Bergamo.

The Neos flight was quite good I must say, decent meal and free wine and soft drinks. Free head sets and choice of stations to listen too and the film was in 3 languages. We were also given a free large tube of After Sun cream and a small Cornetto towards the end of the 7.5/8hr flight from leaving Verona.