How not to travel - May 06

The joys of travel :)............My experience at Milan (Malpensa Airport) of not finding that my PTA flight ticket had been processed (PTA means to pick up at airport) which I had purchased via the telephone with a travel agency in UK, neither had my friends tickets. Getting my friends on the plane whilst trying to sort out my own flight. How I had to phone London from a public telephone box at the airport to try and get the ticket agency (that I’d purchased my ticket from) to confirm my ticket with TAP (10mins before the flight was supposed to depart). The queue jumping, 200m dash to the gate, boarding the plane 5 mins late, late departure of flight, missed transfer in Lisbon, overnight stay in hotel in Lisbon, departure on re-booked flight the next evening for Sal, arrival in Sal to find no luggage. Our luggage arrived 9 days later.