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Legal ownership

2005 - I saw some plans for an apartment which I was very impressed with. The solicitor told me to ask for certain paperwork to provide proof of ownership; the developer did not understand why I wanted the information or why I wanted to use my own solicitor. No paperwork was made available to me to confirm ownership of the land. The apartments he was building looked better than other ones I had seen plans of. It was very tempting though, the size of the apartment when built would be much bigger and cheaper than most of the other types I had seen. I am also aware that this type of situation had and did occur on the island without any problems. Maybe if they understand these concerns and provide the information like the other developers, then they will begin to see it as an opportunity and have more people interested in their properties.

Another local developer showed me another property; the drawings he provided me with weren’t the ones for the apartment I had seen. There were no measurements on them for me to compare against the sizes of other apartments that I had viewed previously i.e. some one bedroom apartments can be just over 50sq.m whilst others can be 70sq.m.or so. I asked for a copy of the apartment layout which also showed the dimensions. I was told the builder was un-willing to provide the agent with these, he told him something about 'he didn't want people copying his plans! I have since met with this developer and he is now providing the relevant details.

2011 - There have been some issues for expats who have bought in Spain and more recently there were problems with land sales at the Camara Municipal Office on the island of Sao Vicente in Cape Verde which was reported in A Semana.

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