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Legal Issues

Please note: most of the information on this page and the links from it were written between 2006-2010. Most of the information with them has not been updated. However, you may still find some helpful information within them.

Renewing your Visa

If your visa has run out you may have to pay a fine when renewing it at the Police Station in Espargos.... the current fine is 125euros (it may be more if not renewed for several months)...(....)


If you wish you can apply for residency. Please check what information is needed for your application. Your solicitor (in Cape Verde) can advise. [...]

Setting up a business

If wanting to set up a business, it may be easier to buy a business with a license and get it transferred, than to try and apply and get one [...]

IVA & IUR - Businesses

A Finanza (Tax) office opened in Santa Maria, but the main Finanaza Office is in Espargos (Finanza). There are different systems for paying vat, but you will need to make your own enquiries with an [...]


There are some benefits to being a pensioner and buying or bringing in furniture to the Cape Verde. Your Lawyer can advise. [...]


You should make out a will for any property you buy abroad, this will prevent any disputes with the ownership or beneficiaries between families/partners etc. Consider whether this should be done in Cape Verde, or at least written in Portuguese.


Check out partnerships/ ownerships. Enquire about this if you are setting up a business or buying a dwelling with someone else. The law is different in Cape Verde.

Also check how [...]

Legal Services

Legal Services -
Take a look at the website for John Howells and Associates (based in London) if looking at buying/investing in property on Cape Verde: http://www.lawoverseas.com/
Or [...]

British Embassy

The British Embassy in Dakar have produced guidance notes for people wishing to learn what is required for setting up a business, working in CV, visa requirements and much more. For more details visit the home page.........Click here

IUP - Paying Council Tax

Info translated and provided by a member of the Camara Municipal May 2011:
In the terms of the article no. 11 of the regulation of the sole tax on patrimony (RIUP), decree no. 18/99 of 26th April, and in agreement circulating no. 06/2000 - DGCI - 12/04/2000 the taxable value of the building is its patrimonial or metric value (the declared one for the contributor, in the resultant of the evaluation), deduced of the conservation expenditures (corresponding 15% of the metrical or patrimonial value). Already the fiscal patrimonial vale corresponds 25% of that refined valu, being the tax equivalent 3% of this cipher.......... for a better explanation .....READ MORE


Make sure you don't sign an agreement of any sort in Portuguese/Italian; you don't know what you are signing, even if they say its just authorising permission to hold the [...]


Check with your own solicitor/lawyer that the land actually belongs to them builder/developer, as I have experience of asking the builder for a Certidao de Registo Predia, he couldn't produce [...]

Buying abroad

Some of you may have seen the ITV programme on Friday, November 18th 2005. British people buying in Spain had trusted the agents selling them the land and some of [...]

Legal ownership

Have a look at www.asemana.cv (translate it to English) there was an article in there about legal ownership of land. Do a search on their website and proof of land [...]


There is an independent English speaking solicitor on Sal, in Santa Maria, he is originally from Portugal but has been working on Sal for over 2yrs. He can deal with [...]


A number of agents/developers/ builders want you to use their own lawyers, you don't have to, you can get your own, either out there or by using one in your [...]

Power of Attorney

If you have visited Sal and decided on a property that you want to buy, you may want to consider Power of Attorney (PofA). You will need to arrange this [...]

Fiducial (8th June 06)

The following amounts have been quoted to me by the Fiducial (Solicitors) as the amounts I would need to pay if purchasing a property 50,000 euros (5.500.000 Cape Verdean Escudos called cve for short).[...]

Investing in Property

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