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Visa Options

There are a few ways to obtain and extend your visa.

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Leisure - Water activities

Swimming Pools:

These can generally be found in resorts and hotels mainly for use by those staying at those facilities. Wherever you are, don’t forget they don’t have the safety precautions we have in Britain. In the UK the HSE advise that anyone having had diarrhoea should not go into a swimming pool for14 days, can't see this happening when people are only on holiday for 1/2 weeks, but at least take precautions i.e. people should shower before going into the pool. Any children under 6months with diarrhoea should not go in the swimming pool, this will help prevent the spread of Cryptosporidium and infect other bathers. If an incident does occur, please alert the management of the pool, who should take appropriate action in treating the pool. Obviously, this situation can arise in any pool around the world, and not everyone is going to read this information!

Swimming in Sea:

The waves can knock you off balance, be careful with small children. There are only a few lifeguards on some beaches and usually on duty daytime outside a resort or hotel situated along the beach. There may also be an under-current which, if not a strong swimmer, could result in you being pushed away from where you entered the water or in fact further away from the shore.

Sharks: Some sharks have been seen in the waters around the islands. I understand that there have been no reported attacks.

Snorkling:Snorkling is popular when the ocean is calm, but take a buddy snorkler with you and make sure you can be seen by jet ski riders and fishing boats.

Windsurfing boards, Kite gear, surf boards and lessons, all bookable at various facilities.

Boat trips: There are now a number of boat, yacht and catamaran trips around some islands.

Some trips are fishing boats, others whale, dolphin, turtle or bird watching.

Sea Fun.... jet ski, banana boats, inflatables (Sal) and more.

Water sports are popular for scuba diving, kitesurfing, windsurfing all year round but the wind sports are more popular in the winter as the winds pick up in November till April/May.

Leisure - land activities

Walking or jogging: Best time for this is early in the morning just as the sun is rising, it's a lot cooler. It starts to get dark tea-time (Sept) and around 7.30p.m. April/May so wouldn't recommend it then, as areas aren't well lit and it’s still hot.

Childrens activities:

If you are taking children with you most of the childrenss activities will take place or be available in the resorts however you will need to check on their websites as to what activities they offer, some will have more than others.