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Moving to Cape Verde


Importing Goods by Ship

Experienced shipping agents and comments from those that have shipped items over....[.....]

Dispatchers and Clearance Agents

There are a number of local Despachante (Dispatchers) and Clearance Agents in Cape Verde......[....]

British Government & Embassy

British Ambassador to Cape Verde

A meeting took place between a number of British expats on Sal and the British Ambassador to Cape Verde, Mr.Christopher Trott, and the Honorary Consul Mr.Antonio [...]

Britons living abroad

Direct Gov. link website, providing information for Brits thinking of moving abroad. [....]

Taking Personal goods

It's not till you get here or you get tips from someone else, do you think about the things you should have brought with you if moving to Sal for [...]

Sending goods to Cape Verde

If you are reading this, you should also read the article 'Overseas Removals' within this section.

Some experiences:

AIR FREIGHT: Some expats paid a considerable amount to send their new business [...]

Overseas Relocation

There are companies set up to help with overseas relocation to Cape Verde, and/or exporting and importing new goods and personal items.

They will make all the necessary arrangements and complete [...]


Ministry of Tourism, Industry and Energy

There is an office for the Ministry of Tourism, Industry and Energy situated in Santa Maria, Sal Island.

They perform a number of functions including monitoring importation and the Importers who hold an importation license.

Inter Island shipping

Take a look at the photos and movies within this section.

Shipping of goods and produce between the Cape Verde islands is something the local people do on a regular basis. Businesses use this form of transport to send goods between islands cheaply. Families travel back and forth between the islands on these boats. The boats take much longer to arrive at a destination than a plane, hence why they are a much cheaper form of travel. [.....]

Importation and Business Incentives

We are providing information on furniture suppiers but also information shipping goods, setting up business, incentives for new businesses and licences.
Relevant articles:
Business Incentives


Cheryl Baker

A sunny, sandy sea vista for Cheryl Baker (Bucks Fizz).

Photo taken near Praia Antonio Sousa Beach, Santa, Maria, Sal.


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