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Tourist Entry Visa

Postponement of waiver of TEV to January 2019


Celebrity visit

Photo of Luke Morgan from South Wales, with Roger Taylor from 'Queen'. The photo was taken in a restaurant in Santa Maria, Sal Island.

Places of interest

Pedra de Lume - This is where you can take a mud bath and look like beached seals or scuba divers in wet suites when you are drying off [...]


Entertainment: There is some organized entertainment within a few hotels. Check what's on where you are staying, preferably before booking.There are some Bars and Restaurants now providing entertainment a few [...]


Winter months (Sept 05): some chilly and cold evenings to quite warm, bring cardigans, or some long sleeve tops just in case. I also needed blankets on my bed.

Late [...]


Street wise

Unwelcome sellers: You will be approached by people selling pictures, beads; watches on the beach or on the streets, these sellers are not Cape Verdean. However these sellers will try [...]


Other businesses

Estate Agents: Also may close mid afternoons and also mid day weekends till Monday morning.Council Offices/ Camara Municipal (Local Council): Is situated next to the Police Station in Santa Maria. [...]



Many shops and agencies in Santa Maria tend to close in the afternoons. General closing times are between 1 – 3p.m. although there are some that close/re-open at later times.

Emergency Services

Police: Police can sometimes be seen standing on the pavements, this helps deter illegal traders from approaching you. Police also drive around in vehicles.

Wear your seat belts in the front [...]


Airport: Sal Airport is just outside Espargos. If backpacking and arriving during the day, some people on leaving the airport walk down to the main road and wait for an [...]


Charitable Associations

There are a number of charitable associations linked to Sal and other Cape Verde islands.

January 09 -One of these associations is based in Espargos on Sal Island and is [...]



The Council used to put poison down for stray animals about twice a year. They used to announce it on the radio when they intend doing this. The announcement is in Portuguese.
We were informed in 2009 that this practice had stopped, but it still won't deter private owners from carrying out this practice.

Vets from Germany now provide a nuetering and castration clinic service for cats and dogs twice a year on Sal.
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