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Payment stages (off plan) - pre 2009

Some developers may tell you that the property will be ready by a certain time, this isn't always guaranteed as their may be reasons why they are running later than expected.

One developer I spoke to in 2009 told me that their payment stages were based on:

Reservation Fee of 3,000 euros
10% which came out of the reservation fee (if not an expensive property)
30% when they start to build
30% when they have put the roof on
25% floor level
5% at the end stage when completed
If the building is near completion, there may be no split payment stages.
If the building is completed you may just have to pay the deposit, then the full amount in 30 days or other specified date.

But these do vary from developer to developer, check some of the developers websites.

Take advice on how to obtain a mortgage for making payments at various stages, be sure you can make the payments.

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