Phone line

Nov : I was initially told at the CV Telecom office that I needed to have a Residency Card before being to apply for a phone line, not sure if they meant for residential or business (or both).

I went back and said I had been told I didn't need a Residency Card (am told these can take 4yrs to obtain), so I was then asked to provide a copy of my passport, a copy of my company registration document and a copy of my Modelo - 110 form which gives my NIF number (my taxation number in CV).

This has been provided and it looks like I get my phone installed in the next 2 weeks!!! No- this is Cape Verde!!!! Anyway it was installed at the end December. You can also apply for a Dial Up internet connection off your phone line, while waiting for an ADSL or hopefully wireless system. Having internet access at home is much better than using the Internet Cafe's.

Latest......internet installled and all up and running, no complaints, it's good to work fom home on the laptop.