Lisbon Airport - Portugal



Tourist Information Desk

I arrived in Lisbon Saturday morning at 9a.m. I went to the Tourist Info desk to enquire about tours of Lisbon. I was told that another person was hiring a private tour car which had air conditioning (it was extremely hot). The person hiring the private tour offered me the opporunity to join him, he was in transit and on route to Brazil and had 3 hrs to spare, I agreed and we shared the cost of a tour.

Cable Cars

Vasco de Gama is a large shopping mall and is only a short distance from Lisbon airport by bus or taxi, on the other side of the mall you can take a short stroll down to the sea and take a cable car ride along the coast, it quite a scenic experience.



If traveling to Sal via another city i.e. Lisbon, check that it has a left luggage office where you can leave your belongings, try and leave one larger item rather than lots of small items as I am not sure if they charge for each item. I know I went back with another bag and had to pay a further amount.

I am not sure about the legalities of leaving your baggage in left luggage, as normally when leaving UK we are asked who packed your bag, whether you have left it anywhere etc, so leaving it in another airport may/may not be questionable.


I understood that the shops close on Saturday lunchtime for the weekend in the main area of Lisbon, but that the shopping complex called Vasco de Gama is open on a Sunday from 10a.m. so if you have time you can do an extra shop to pick up those electric items with two pin plugs to carry as hand luggage or look in some of the chain stores for last minute bargains.