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Rental Agencies

There are a number of rental Agencies on Sal.

There are a number of other British Agencies will manage your property while you are abroad. There are also Italian and Portuguese Rental Agencies on Sal Island. For [...]


Phone line

Nov: I was initially told at the CV Telecom office that I needed to have a Residency Card before being to apply for a phone line, not sure if [...]



You may have to arrange for your own connections for water, gas and electricity. Check with the developer or proprietor of the apartment building. [...]



Some older apartment blocks are not on the mains; the tanks have to be refilled, this can sometimes be a problem if the proprietor [...]



Gas bottle supply. You will need to sign a contract before you can get a gas bottle. [...]


Power Supply

This can sometimes go off for days at time, affecting shops, businesses and communications. Freezer items will be ruined and milk will go off etc. Try and imagine this happening [...]



Follow the telegraph poles which should indicate where electricity supply has reached too. Some developments have their own generators in case the electricity supply goes off, as it could be [...]


Utility costs

Make sure you know what you are paying for. Are there separate meters for your apartment/building? Are you paying for something that you don’t have i.e. a phone line? This [...]

Service Clean

Can be arranged but you have to shop around. It may be part of a Service Agreement. Some agents can provide this service but they get a commission for doing so, ask them what the conditions are for employment, how the staff are monitored etc. Think about whether it is safe to leave valuables about. [....]


Service Charges

You will have to pay these on most buildings, as a contribution to the external upkeep and maintenance, these differ depending on the type of apartments/complexes and amongst developers [....]

  Management Service

You can get a management service for letting your villa/apartment, you will need to make enquires locally or through the agent you are buying from. Charges for this service vary. 


Tour Operator - Lettings

Properties taken on for letting and used by Travel Agencies or Tour Operators may have to meet strict criteria before they can be let, will yours meet that standard?


Looking to Rent your property

When buying a property you should also consider its position when you think about selling it.....location, location, location. Will it be easy to rent, attractive to people who would love to stay there?

Investing in Property

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