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Re-sale market

The re-sale arrived at the start of 2008 has seen a change of circumstances for many people. Prior to this some people may have had their properties up for sale for other reasons.

Developers are still building and lots of new properties are empty. Some properties are up for re-sale you may want to try and find out why people are re-selling, it may not be for financial reason, there may be other reasons for wanting to sell, but you won't know unless you do your research.

Some developments offer a service where you can put your apt/ villa up for sale after you have made the first payment of the staged payments. You may also opt to make the sale privately at this stage.

2010 - 2011:  A number of distressed sales became available either privately of through Real Estate Agents. It is an unfortunate situation for some, but a good opportunity for others.

Some people continued to hold onto property hoping that re-sale prices would improve. As at June 2016 however, the situation has yet to see an up-turn.

Whether buying new, off plan or re-sale you should still have the property 'snagged'!  If buying a re-sale property please ask the seller/lawyer for a copy of the snagging report. Some people have now set up a snagging service for specific developments or individual properties in Santa Maria. 

For enquiries about snagging, utility connection for Vila Verde please click on the following link:   

Snagging on Vila Verde


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