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September 06

September 2006: There are three Municipalities on Santo Antao: Porto Novo, Ribeira Grande and Paul.My initial thoughts from the boat on our approach into the harbour at Porto Novo were [...]

October 07

October 07 :-
The trip over on the new Autojet Catamaran services had been a bit of an experience (read more about it under the article 'Ferries and Catamaran'). This, followed [...]

January 2007

Santo Antao, the mountainous island within Cape Verde is still my favourite island to visit, having spent most of my time on the barren landscape of Sal. However on this [...]

Services and Tourism

There is still a problem with electricity and water supply on the island.

I understand that there aren’t any stipulated walking tracks you can follow.

The government is trying to work with [...]

Sight seeing trip

We booked an Aluger to take us on a sight seeing trip as we wanted to see the Municipality of Paul, Ponta do Sol and Fountainhas. You may want [...]

Ribeira Grande

The ‘collectives’ to and from Porto Novo are situated near to the Shell Station in Ribiera Grande. The Shell Station is also a shop where you can also get lso [...]

Investing in Property

Fishing - Santa Maria

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Visa Options

There are a few ways to obtain and extend your visa.

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