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Santo Antao sight seeing

We booked an Aluger to take us on a sight seeing trip as we wanted to see the Municipality of Paul, Ponta do Sol and Fountainhas. You may want to check organised trip prices; ours was 4,500ecv for the trip (not each).

The Municipality of Paul had some areas which looked practically tropical. The scenery was wonderful. I stared in amazement at some of the small houses nestled into the cliff, can’t imagine how on earth they managed to get tools and materials up there to build them in the first place.

We returned via Ribeira Grande and out along the coast to Ponta do Sol. There are a few hotels here and some restaurants. We chose to eat at the restaurant on the edge of the sea and watch the boys fishing off the pier.

We then took a very long winding road (track!) around a cliff from Ponta do Sol to Fontainhas, it was awesome and not for the faint hearted, something of a white knuckle ride in places. There was evidence of previous rock falls on the track. Very few places where oncoming traffic could pass by. Sheer cliffs, steep drops, awesome!

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