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Selling Property


Check out how to get your money from the sale transferred out of the country, I was informed that there was some restriction on how much you can take out of CV at any one time but please make your own enquiries as things change.

I was also told that you have to register the property before you can sell it. Make sure you have all the legal documentation from the time you bought the property; otherwise you may not be able to sell it.

2009 and the recession is afffecting many people. How do you compete for a sale, especially to someone on the other side of the atlantic who can't see the property. Most are being viewed and purchased by visitors to Sal who can check out the property themselves before deciding if they want to go ahead with a purchase, or choosing from a number of properties that are now back on the market.

There are also some people who for personal reason need to sell at lower or bargain prices.

Investing in Property

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