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Snagging Service

Why do you need a snagging service?
- To have faults identified within a property
- To have those faults reported to clients/builders/suppliers
- To have faults rectified before signing at handover or receipt of furniture.
Cape Verde Tips works with a number of good people to provide the best services in Cape Verde.

If you have a question then you can place it in the comments box below. Your details will be forwarded to Trevor Wilson. Trevor has a successful furniture business on Sal as well as a great deal of experience in snagging properties on Vila Verde, he also lives on the development so knows many of the standard problems but will carry out a thorough inspection and provide you with situation updates/reports and completion reports. Snagging requests are coming in for other developments such as The Dunas Beach Resort. If you have bought on one of the large resorts on Sal, and you wish to find out more about his service please contact Trevor via the web form below. There are different prices for the various units due to size of area being inspected.

BVPS also provides an Utility Connection Service for water and electric, please tick the boxes within the Snagging Service web form below if you want to recieve further information from Trevor about these services.

For information on furniture packs from BVPS please visit the following page to view the packs. There is a also specific Furniture Enquiry Form within the page:  FURNITURE PACKS - BVPS

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