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Kite Boarding - Sal, Cape Verde

Mitu Monteiro returns to Sal triumphant.

Mitu Monteiro – 2008 World Kite Boarding Champion.

Mitu Monteiro a 25yr old from Sal Island, Cape Verde who participated in the full World Tour for the first time this year, won the World Kite Boarding Championship for the ‘Wave’ discipline. Mitu, who had competed in single competitions on previous occasions, participated in the tour and events held in France, Portugal, Brazil & Morocco.

Water Sports Centres - Sal, Cape Verde

Feature photo provided by Ali. Photo taken at the World Windsurfing Competition, Sal Island, Feb 08.

List of water sport activity centre's in Santa Maria, Sal Island. (.....)

Windsurfing - Sal, Cape Verde

Main photo of Josh Angulo winning the competition at Ponta Preta Feb 07. The next 3 photos of windsurfers were provided by Calu and Corinna. The last 3 were taken [...]


Water, Sport and Activities on Sal island


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