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Tips for the home-pre 2009

Some of the tips below are still relevant 10 years later. Resorts have their own generator supply but those living outside resorts may not have regular services to their property. Some things may not be relevant or certain conditions may have improved since 2009.

• If you don't have a Generator, don't forget the box of matches, to be positioned where you know you can find them immediately; you may also need these to light the gas hob if it’s an electric ignition switch.

• If you want to take white clothes make sure you take a good soaking powder to wash them in, dust and sand soon turns them yellowish.

• If using the local washing powder, don’t leave things in to soak too long or you may find that colours have run.

• Don’t leave towels or other clothes out drying overnight if on a ground floor, the may disappear. (If you see any striped towels from Matalan, they belong to another ex-pat who has moved out here).

• It’s best to bring coloured towels rather than cream/white ones. No need for posh ones really.

• Buy some candles when you get here, in case of power cuts.

• There are some cockroaches here, but not in great abundance, there is a liquid that comes in a syringe which is very good for getting rid of bugs of all sizes, just make sure you don't get it on your hands or position it where children or animals can touch it.

• The clocks don’t go back or forward in Sal, it’s a fixed time all year round

• Items of furniture and fittings/linen are best brought over from the UK, but consider how you are going to do this, especially if sending new items in a container or by Air freight! Could be costly, as already pointed out on this website.

• Some people choose to bring goods over by airfreight, others by cargo ship as quality, availability, styles, standard and price can vary on the islands.

• Some people who have plastic table and chairs tie the chair legs together, so that none of the legs fold out or give way when you sit on them. I believe this is caused by the heat and sun.

• Gas bottle supply. You will need to sign a contract before you can get a gas bottle. You will need to know which type of bottle you require as there are two different fitment connections. Either obtainable from the Shell Garage or Enacol Garage.

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