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Some older apartment blocks are not on the mains; the tanks have to be refilled, this can sometimes be a problem if the proprietor or management agency is unable to get the delivery tankers to re-fill immediately.

Those staying in or buying apartments need to know that the tanks that are filled with water by the supplier can sometimes run dry. Sometimes the owners of the apartments leave tap water (non-drinking) in containers so you can use them for washing up or washing clothes, but use the dirty water to flush the toilets when you need to etc, same goes after you have mopped floors. The Agents that bring in the water from Palmeira on their water delivery wagon, may not be able to fill the tank up immediately, it could take a day or longer. The owner of the apartment or the management agency will be able to chase up the refilling of the tank. Remember not to leave the taps in the on position when there is no water in the tank, if they deliver it while you are out, you may have a wet floor and a hefty water bill.

The mains water also has occasion to go off, I don't know why, but this doesn't affect hotels etc. as they get their supply from Cabocan.

Work is taking place to install and connect the pipe work carrying water from Palmeira to Santa Maria, but as many older properties are still on tank supply only, and newer buildings are being built, it could be 2yrs before the supply reaches everyone. As more buildings will be wanting mains water and there are more properties being built it is likely that the situation will get worse before it gets better.

Bottled water - recommend you use this for drinking, cleaning teeth and for ice cubes.

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