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Inclement weather

Jan 07 - Some people travelled over the Xmas and the New Year holiday period to other islands. There was some fog on some of the islands. One particular airline cancelled its flights (lack of more technical equipment as they are older planes). People had already confirmed the flights were departing on time so they went to the airport. More people arrived to get the next flight, they too were disappointed. Some had to stay another night on the island. A number of tourists and business people, who needed to get back, ended up missing a connecting flight home to Europe/UK from Sal and possibly Santiago.

Some others managed to charter a plane from another airline, paying for it between them. A second plane was chartered but the price to hire it had increased. Some Brits on this later charter missed their connecting flight back to the UK, then there is further difficulty trying to get back to the UK on another flight, one person had to stay another 3 nights on Sal and also pay out another amount to get back to UK via another airline.

It doesn't rain a great deal on all the islands hence the dry and barren landscapes on some islands. Those islands with higher ground see more rain than Sal, Boavista and Maio.

August 2015: An unusual event to reach Cape Verde, we were hit by Hurricane Fred.

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