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Furniture Suppliers in Cape Verde

Importing goods to Cape Verde is not cheap, but there are other alternatives. Please check what goods you are getting at your development, there may be different package deals. Get quotes and a full list of what is available with photos.

Furniture Packs

Some of the larger developments within Cape Verde will provide a full furniture pack in with the cost of the purchase of apartment. Others are charging quite high prices for furniture packs.

Is there anything else you need to ask for i.e. ......... Does the pack include a dinner set, lamps, curtains, linen etc.

Furniture pack prices will vary due to number of rooms you need to furnish. There are varying standards and quality as well as prices. You could pay between 5,000euros – 25,000euros (est). One development in Santa Maria was asking 14,990 euros for a studio furniture pack. The quality I was told was very good, however some people are looking for alternatives.

A few furniture suppliers will advertise within the right column of the page, or we will include links within the page here.

Other developers, including some of the large and smaller ones will not include a full furniture package or even part of one in the purchase price. Some may include a kitchen and perhaps a fridge etc.

Some of the smaller developments may not be able to offer a furniture package of any type at all.

Furniture Suppliers

There are a number of Cape Verde furniture supplier links within the Yellow Business listings, the links will take you to web pages for each furniture supplier. They sell furniture packs, accessories or other products.

Some will supply furniture packs, others will only sell individual pieces of furniture and some a mixture. Goods could be Italian, British, Indian or other. Each of the furniture suppliers will have a choice of furniture styles to suit your taste and budget, so that you don't have to have the same as everyone else.

It is important to us at Cape Verde Tips that we provide you with a range of information to help you understand what else is available other than perhaps any particular resort furniture package, so that you can make an informed choice. There are quality, standard and basic furniture packs available from furniture suppliers in Cape Verde.

Furniture pack suppliers are mainly based on Sal Island due to the fact that most of the new developments are on that island. A few are also now opening showrooms on one or two of the other islands. Some furniture suppliers on Sal also stock office equipment and individual items of furniture.

All of the suppliers of furniture and accessories on Sal listed here speak English, a few speak other languages. Languages spoken by of those on other islands is unknown.

Large developments may decide to ship their own furniture packs over to furnish their properties. You may have a choice to buy their pack, or buy a pack or furniture items from different suppliers. Costs will vary, but one thing is for sure, the furniture will be a lot more expensive to buy in Cape Verde due to the high import tax on new goods.

Investors owning properties on Vila Verde, Paradise Beach, Tortuga Beach Resort, Dunas Beach Resort on Sal may like to compare prices before buying a furniture pack from the developer.

Furniture which has to be shipped from Sal to some of the other islands may incur additional costs. Furniture and packs can be supplied to Vila Cabral on Boavista and other islands too if the demand is there. Sending one pack at a time to another island may not be viable. Some furniture suppliers may send half full containers of furniture to another island while others, only when a container is full because of the cost, time, logistics etc. Furniture maybe imported to Sal for example, then shipped to other islands, it would be sent in a container by ship from the port on Sal to the port on the other island. The supplier will probably need to fly over to the other island to make sure the pack is installed correctly and will take assistants with them to help with the installation.Travel, shipping and labour costs etc would need to be passed on to the buyers.

People who have invested on developments on other islands such as Santiago and Boavista are considering furniture packs from furniture suppliers on Sal. Some furniture suppliers may have a small amount of stock on other islands already. New developments yet to be released for sale on these or other islands may also have plans to provide their own furniture packages. If you are looking for bulk orders for furniture, for your own building project on any of the islands, the suppliers listed above would like to hear from you.

Some furniture, electrical goods and house ware can be bought from an LG store. LG stores can be found on the main islands. Goods can also be purchased from the many Chinese Loja (shops) found on all the islands.

Snagging of properties has been important especially after furniture has been installed by a supplier. You may have already had your property snagged before furniture is installed. Ask furniture suppliers about damage caused to furniture or the property while installing it. Snagging services are included in the above menu list toward the top of the page. You may also want to consider looking into Fittings and Finishings of the property you are buying.

Is your property insured? What happens when you are away and the property above you has a water leakage. If the above property is empty and the leak has gone un-noticed over a period of time, there may be damage to your property or personal items including furniture.

Insurance is something you should consider.

Other islands:

There are a number of other furniture suppliers and stores on the islands of Santiago and Sao Vicente, however they do not supply furniture packs. People currently buy from different stores on these islands.

People furnishing their properties on the smaller islands would either ship items over by boat, buy items from some of the Chinese shops or use local carpenters. The situation may change in the future, if and when larger development projects are built on the other islands.


Some of the furniture suppliers listed in the above menu can provide furniture packs or items of furniture for Vila Cabral or other commercial and privately owned properties on Boavista.


We have some names of a few stores situated in the capital of Praia on Santiago, but no contact details. Enquiries should be made in person to see what goods they have and at what prices. You would probably need to speak Portuguese to ask questions about goods.

Stores on Santiago: Kutana........ in Palmerejo
Price Leader......... in Plateau
BosaNova......... in Tera Chapeu
Calu and Angela Supermarkets (various areas)

Sao Vicente:

No info available. Again, enquiries are best made in person.

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