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Cape Verde Tips - Newsletter - April 2012 (Archive News)


Sofid intends to invest 5 million Euros in Cape Verde 02 April 2012

Portuguese development financing company Sofid has six financing projects in the work for Cape Verde, a market in which it intends to enter the controlled-cost housing, parking, tourism and agriculture sectors. The company’s investment portfolio in the country involves some five million Euros. LINK: ASEMANA-INVEST

Police arrest 37 underage drinkers at Sal night club 02 April 2012
A total of 37 minors between 14 and 16 years of age of both sexes found under the influence of alcohol at the Milénio night club Sunday night in Espargos, Sal, were taken to the local National Police squadron and identified. The night club was fined 30,000 escudos. LINK: ASEMANA-MINORS

Cape Verde Stock Exchange suspends BCN registry 03 April 2012
The Cape Verde Stock Exchange has suspended the registry of Cape Verdean commercial bank Banco Caboverdiano de Negócios (BCN) as an operator at the institution. The suspension was one of the issues discussed at the March meeting of the Stock Exchange’s administrative council in Praia. LINK: ASEMANA-BCN

Construções Oásis wins international business award 03 April 2012
The Business Initiative Directive (BID) has highlighted Boa Vista-based business Oásis in its “gold” category, in which some 77 companies throughout the world have been classified, including the firm that built the world’s tallest building. The associates of the Cape Verdean company admitted their “surprise” at the distinction, and affirmed their hope to consolidate their business in Cape Verde and expand internationally. LINK: ASEMANA-BUSINESS

Naples offers 10 million Euros for Rolando 04 April 2012

The Italian and Portuguese press this Tuesday reported that Naples, currently classified in fourth place in Italy’s Series A soccer league, is the latest club to join the race to acquire Cape Verdean athlete Rolando, who currently plays for Portugal’s Porto. The Italian team is expected to lodge a proposal of 10,000,000 Euros for the player. LINK: ASEMANA-NAPLES

SNPC holds large-scale drill on Santo Antão 04 April 2012
The National Civil Protection Service (SNPC) will test the response capacity of the Municipal Civil Protection Services of the three municipalities on the island of Santo Antão this Wednesday, April 4. The exercise is denominated “Santo Antão 12.” LINK: ASEMANA-DRILLING

Agriculture Minister confirms banana and papaya plague on Santiago 04 April 2012

Both farmers and Minister of Rural Development Eva Ortet on Monday confirmed the existence of an unknown disease attacking banana and papaya tress on the island of Santiago. The area of greatest concern is Ribeira dos Picos Engenhos, in the municipality of Santa Cruz. LINK: ASEMANA-PLAGUE

President of APAVT highlights Cape Verde as tourist destination 04 April 2012

“In terms of medium-haul destinations, the star is Cape Verde, if we have to choose just one,” according to the president of the Portuguese Association of Travel and Tourist Agencies (APAVT), Pedro Costa Ferreira, in an interview with website PressTur about the most sought-after destinations on the part of Portuguese tourists. LINK: ASEMANA-TOURISM

A taste of Morna – 6th April 2012
A writer from The Guardian samples the Morna of Sao Vicente and provides an insight to his experiences. There are some prices quoted for one weeks holiday on Sao Vicente for two people. LINK-GUARDIAN-MUSIC

Certification process to be introduced for typical Cape Verdean products 06 April 2012
Cheese, brandy, wine and coffee from the island of Fogo and other traditional products considered to be “trademarks” of Cape Verde will soon begin to undergo certification. Minister of Rural Development Eva Ortet affirms that the process is already under way. LINK-ASEMANA-PRODUCTS

Central bank governor considers Cape Verdean financial system credible 10 April 2012
Bank of Cape Verde governor Carlos Burgo spoke in parliament this Monday, April 9, guaranteeing that the country’s financial system is solid and credible and that the recent arrest of former Cape Verde Stock Exchange president Veríssimo Pinto as a result of the Operation Speed Boat drug trafficking investigation did not affect the institution’s credibility. LINK-ASEMANA-BANK

UCID presents candidate for mayoral race on Sal 10 April 2012
Augusto Reis is political party’s UCID’s candidate for mayor in this year’s municipal elections on the island of Sal. Reis will be publicly presented this Tuesday afternoon at Sal municipal library in Espargos. LINK-ASEMANA-UCID

Gasoline sees record price hike 10 April 2012
Fuel prices were readjusted at midnight last night, with the price of all petroleum products up. Gasoline broke all previous price increase records, leaping from 175.10 to 192.80 escudos per liter. Diesel, for its part, went from 128.20 to 134.30 escudos per liter. LINK-ASEMANA-GASOLINE

Perspectives for resumption in economic growth on Sal good, according to PAICV 13 April 2012
“At the moment, there is an optimistic perspective for the recovery of the island’s economy.” This is the conclusion reached by the governing PAICV following a three-day visit by several of its legislators to the island of Sal. LINK-ASEMANA-PAICV

Cape Verde increases competitiveness of West African region 13 April 2012
Cape Verde is contributing toward the reinforcement of West Africa’s positive image with regards to the increase in tourist traffic, with the dynamics of the sector showing strong growth in recent times. In 2011, for example, more than 400,000 tourists visited the islands. LINK-ASEMANA-WEST AFRICA

Praia municipal chamber prohibits loudspeaker advertising 13 April 2012
The unregulated use of vehicles equipped with loudspeakers that circulate through the streets of Praia blaring both commercial and institutional advertisements has led the Praia municipal chamber to pass deliberation prohibiting the practice in the capital city. According to the municipal chamber, the noise from the vehicles has perturbed the tranquility of the city’s residents and the normal functioning of businesses, schools, public services and other institutions. The municipal norm is already in effect. LINK-ASEMANA-LOUDSPEAKER

Jeremy Irons makes appearance at Cape Verdean night spot in Lisbon 14 April 2012
Actor Jeremy Irons, who is in Portuguese capital Lisbon, visited Cape Verdean night spot B. Leza in the city in the early morning hours Thursday. The actor is in Portugal shooting the film Night Train to Lisbon. LINK-ASEMANA-JEREMY IRONS

Crimes against persons on the rise on São Vicente 15 April 2012
Crimes against persons on the island of São Vicente saw an increase in the first three months of the year, going from 270 cases in the first quarter of 2011 to 350 this year. Crimes against property, on the other hand, saw a slight decline, from 369 to 207, while the number of reported muggings also dropped from 194 to 73. The data comes from the São Vicente regional National Police command. LINK-ASEMANA-CRIME

More than 13,000 new voters registered 16 April 2012
The number of new voters who have registered to participate in this year’s municipal elections has already surpassed 13,000, according to Arlinda Chantre, of the Directorate General of Support for the Election Process (DGAPE). Only those who have registered to vote by April 27 will be able to participate in the election. LINK-ASEMANA-VOTERS

Hiacemar: Cape Verde’s new inter-island tourist transport vessel 16 April 2012
Hiacemar is the latest sea-going vessel intended to transport tourists between the islands of São Vicente, Santo Antão and São Nicolau. LINK-ASEMANA-VESSEL

African Union suspends Guinea Bissau 17 April 2012
The African Union today suspended Guinea Bissau, effective immediately, following the coup d’état carried out by military personnel last Thursday. Two Portuguese military aircrafts are currently stationed on the Cape Verdean island of Sal, and will serve to support any possible operation to evacuate Portuguese citizens from Guinea Bissau. LINK-ASEMANA-GUINEA BISSAU

Government invests 75 million escudos in agriculture on Brava 17 April 2012
The government is investing 75,716,569 escudos to dig 12 wells for the extraction of underground water on the island of Brava. The project is being executed in partnership with the Brava municipal chamber, led by mayor Camilo Gonçalves, and will get started this Tuesday, April 17. LINK-ASEMANA-BRAVA

Electricity rates to go up Wednesday 17 April 2012
The price of electricity supplied by water and electricity utility Electra and by Águas e Energia de Boa Vista will go up beginning at midnight tonight. The new prices, which are an average of 1.5 escudos higher per KWh, have been set by the Economic Regulation Agency (ARE). LINK-ASEMANA-RATES

TAP flight to Cape Verde makes unscheduled stop in Madeira 18 April 2012
A TAP Portugal flight that left Portuguese capital Lisbon Tuesday night for Praia made an unscheduled stop at Funchal airport, on the Portuguese island of Madeira, for “technical reasons.” LINK-ASEMANA-TAP

American entrepreneurs interested in investing in Cape Verde 18 April 2012
Creating the first American school in Cape Verde is among the proposals being brought by a group of US entrepreneurs who will arrive in the country today, April 18. The businesspeople also intend to invest in the finance and construction sectors. LINK-ASEMANA-AMERICAN

US military personnel paint Lavadouro school in Praia 21 April 2012
Fifteen United States Armed Forces members painted two classrooms in Lavadouro Elementary School in Praia this Friday, April 20. The initiative is a part of what the military personnel call “Community Relations.” LINK-ASEMANA-MILITARY

President agrees with “reforms under way” in Armed Forces 21 April 2012
“We clearly converge on the need to maintain the pace of the reforms currently under way” in Cape Verde’s Armed Forces, announced Minister of Defense Jorge Tolentino (photo) following his first official meeting with President Jorge Carlos Fonseca. Tolentino also affirmed that in May, the President will visit all of the country’s military regions. LINK-ASEMANA-FORCES

Court confiscates Porto Novo municipal chamber vehicles 21 April 2012
Porto Novo district court has ordered the confiscation of two Porto Novo municipal chamber vehicles after the municipal chamber failed to abide by the court’s ruling regarding the unjust firing of 13 municipal sanitation workers – a case that has dragged on since 2004. The vehicles may be sold to pay the compensation the municipal chamber owes the former workers as per a court ruling from 2010. LINK-ASEMANA-COURT

José Maria Neves discusses possible renegotiation of CV Telecom concession contract 23 April 2012
Cape Verdean Prime Minister José Maria Neves will begin the process leading to the possible renegotiation of the concession contract for Cabo Verde Telecom with Portugal Telecom today, April 23. LINK-ASEMANA-TELECOM

Coffee from Fogo exported in large quantities to the Netherlands 23 April 2012
The company Fogo Coffee Spirit has so far purchased between 22 and 23 metric tons of coffee produced in Mosteiros, on the island of Fogo – the equivalent of 40% of the year’s entire production. The target, according to Licínio Andrade, president of the Mosteiros Association of Coffee Producers (Procafé), is 25 metric tons. LINK-ASEMANA-COFFEE

Authorities discuss Mindelo’s “urban profile” 23 April 2012
The Ministry of the Environment, Housing and Territorial Management, the São Vicente municipal chamber and the United Nations Program in Cape Verde will discuss the “Urban Profile of Mindelo” today, April 23. The purpose is to carry out a quick assessment of the city’s needs and gaps in order to develop policies aimed at reducing urban poverty. LINK-ASEMANA-MINDELO


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