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Why didn't I wear my reading glasses! - Happy New Year for 2019

Cheryl Thomas - Tuesday, January 01, 2019
Why didn't I wear my reading glasses! - Happy New Year for 2019

Well, there was I, wondering what to write about when wishing everyone a Happy New Year for 2019, but it's been made easier following something I did yesterday on New Years Eve. I thought I'd post something about it in this blog post, having already posted about it on Facebook with an apology with my explanation of what happened. Some have found it funny, or pretty hilarious actually, while I've suffered with mixed emotions from freeking out, feeling embarrassed, trying to correct a mistake and praying that certain people wouldn't notice something I'd forwarded them on messenger.

Yesterday, like many that use messenger, there were incoming and outgoing pre-NYrs Eve wishes for a Happy New Year for 2019. All sorts of different images, some which I quickly viewed as many were the same image wishing Happy New Year, some which I also shared. All were very welcomed and appreciated. There were a few unusual ones, one of which I shared with many, without paying much attention to it. Unfortunately I didn't have my reading glasses on for that one before forwarding it on messenger, if I had, I may have noticed it was not such an innocent photo. I only realised it was rude after sending it out to over 70 people!

I spent over an hour yesterday after I'd sent it trying to sift through the long list of people I'd sent it to trying to delete the image before it was viewed, apologising on Facebook to others, receiving comments from friends who were surprised or had seen my Facebook apology and thought it was hilarious at what I'd done and, who I'd sent it to. After trying to delete the image in the outgoing messages, hoping that I could save some grace, I was then told by a few people it was still there.

What happened was, that at first I couldn't see the shape of a man in the Happy NY's image I refer too, as my eyes were playing tricks. For those of you still wondering, the image included the body of a man performing a press up, with Happy New Year written down the side of his torso with the year 2019 written underneath, or so I thought. However it wasn't the number '1' in the 2019, it was part of his body.........now do you get the picture!

Can you (the reader of this post) imagine sending something like that out to the Head teacher at your daughters school, your Doctor, your sons girlfriend, the Priest at the Church or your solicitor and more. Well I sent it to a number of people who may have been totally shocked or surprised with my forwarded Happy New Year image. They shall remain nameless for my sake as much as theirs. Others I have sent it to fall into two other categories, the ones who know me better and the ones that I only contact infrequently.

A few people that I'd forwarded this NY's image onto, contacted me and said they too hadn't noticed the '1' until I apologised on Facebook, and they'd gone back and viewed the image again and had a giggle. Others may be wondering why I later, also sent out more Happy Christmas images shortly after the rude NY's image, well, that was me panicking, thinking if I send out more different images, it might hide the previous one ........... it was like a comedy of errors for me that afternoon!

So for those that were offended, sorry, I didn't have my glasses on and wasn't paying attention when I sent what I thought was an innocent Happy New Year message.

For those that don't understand English.... Desculpa!

To others, I'm glad I gave you a good laugh over what I'd done. Happy New Year and may we giggle more often this year. I can even giggle about it myself now.

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