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Investment considerations on Sal Island


Property Rental Agencies

As Sal Island is one of the main tourist destinations within Cape Verde, there has been an increase in the number of properties and resorts that have been built on Sal, in addition to the ones that were built there earlier. There are a number of rental agencies situated in Santa Maria on Sal Island. Not all Agencies will have English speaking staff. The main rental agencies will be situated along the roads of: Rua Amilcar Cabral, Rua 1 de Junho and Rua 15 de Julio.

Property Management

Where there are property rental agencies there are management services. There are a number of these in Santa Maria but there are also resorts who also offer this service. Some resorts will offer owners the chance to enter into their rental schemes but with certain conditions about how many weeks a year owners can use them for personal use. There are also individuals who will offer this service as part of their business.

Shops, Services and Suppliers

There are many more shops and services now operating in Santa Maria than in previous years. There are furniture and soft furnishing shops, paint suppliers, restaurants, tour operators, chinese loja's, diy shops, vehicle and bike hire, lighting and air con/boiler suppliers, mini markets and more. There are also a few larger stores such as Socol in Espargos and Palmeira.

Furniture - Home Furnishings

There are a few furniture suppliers based in Santa Maria both supplying different furniture to each other. You can purchase individual items of soft furnishing, furniture household items and more. You can also enquire about funiture packs.

Shipping goods

Those that ship personal goods over to Sal will need to make sure all paperwork is in order and translated. It is best to work with a Dispatching Agency that can provide this service on your behalf, that way once it's left your side it is then the responsibility of the transport agency and dispatcher to make sure your container arrives on time and safely. The port of Palmeira is where the container will arrive and then be processed by the authorities. The processing time could be longer than anticipated.

Real Estate Agents / Agencies

There are a number of Real Estate Agencies in Santa Maria, again they are mainly situated on the main roads. Some will have websites on which you can search for properties.


Investing in Property

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