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Yoga classes with Sarah

The Foundations of Yoga: Hatha Yoga for Flexibility

I am currently teaching Tuesdays and Thursday in Santa Maria on Sal Island, (Cape Verde), 6:00-7:00pm ‘The Foundations of Yoga: Hatha Yoga for Flexibility’. These classes are designed to build greater health and well-being for all by increasing individual flexibility and strength, fostering better posture and skeletal alignment, and promote inner peace and tranquility. (20 euro per month membership).

This class is an ideal practice for almost everyone. Options and variations are offered for different abilities; that’s my job as a teacher. You are not expected to copy all of these! But I hope to inspire you with the confidence to apply your intelligence and select what pose suits and serves you best in that moment, on that day. To ask yourself, what pose brings you closer to a state of yoga – 'a peaceful union of body and mind'. This is a 'yoga practice' not a yoga performance. Bring a towel, forget the phone.

About Hatha Yoga

If you are looking for an authentic journey with yoga, a holistic and non-intimidating practice which inspires you with the confidence and joy to develop your health through yoga then come along and join a practice with me.

Classes always include elements of yoga philosophy to align intention, breathing techniques (pranayama) a physical practice (asana) and close with a guided relaxation or meditation to balance and reintegrate body and mind.

A Healing Yoga: For Recovery from Injury and/or Ill health

I am currently teaching Saturdays, also at 6:00-7:00pm ‘A Healing Yoga: For Recovery from Injury and/or Ill health’. A systematic sequence to: restore/maintain range of movement (flexibility) release muscular and mental tension/ pain and calm body and mind with breath. (10 euro per month membership)

This class is an ideal practice for everyone and is super special. It is a gift of healing for yourself. It really doesn't matter whether you are old or young, beginner or advanced practitioner, Ill or healthy: everyone will feel better as a result. It's a practice of very simple movements to release energy blockages (or in western language - mobilize each joint in the body to stimulate complete circulation and lymphatic systems and relax the central nervous system). Bring an open mind, forget the rest.

All classes currently held at the Karate Academy ‘Daniel Pina’ in Santa Maria ( at old May O'Leary's).

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