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Travel - Are there Doctors, Clinics or Hospitals on all islands

Doctors Clinics or Hospitals on Cape Verde Islands | Information produced by Cape Verde Tips

Are there any Doctors Clinics or Hospitals on Cape Verde Islands

Sal Island: There are two hospitals in Espargos, an old one and another bigger hospital that opened in 2013. There are a few Clinics and Surgeries in Espargos and in Santa Maria and one very small hospital next to the Police Station in Santa Maria.

Clinics: 'Clinitur' is along the main Hotel Boulevard Road in Santa Maria and another is located near 'Cazu' (supermarket) called 'MedLab', it is situated in the heart of Santa Maria. Another has opened called 'Santa Maria Clinic' (by Hotels Da Luz), but its not open all day.

The following information was provided by a few people who have used these facilities in previous times, the information may need updating:

Sao Vicente - There are much better medical facilities on Sao Vicents than on Sal.

Santiago - Although Santiago is the capital, it's medical facilities are not as good as Sao Vicente.

Boa Vista The hospital was opened in time for the opening of the new Riu hotel. There is only really one main village of Sal Rei, which isn't that big,the villages are smaller so there hasn't been the need for a major facility on the island.

Santo Antao - The hospital in Ribeira Grande I am told is quite good but not as big or have the Doctors or medical facilities of the bigger hospitals.

NOTE: In certain situations you may need expatriation, some islands do not have airports, some do not have international airports, so if you need expatriation due to serious health problems or injuries, how are you going to arrange to get back to your home country?...........do you have medical insurance to cover you for this?.......if not you should consider it.

Comments from those who have visited Clinics and Hospitals on Sal

• Being admitted to the hospital in Espargos for a few days may mean you will need someone to bring you meals.

•A lady fell down the stairs (2012). Calls were made to the hospitals and doctors, and it took 3hrs for someone to come out to her to confirm a broken leg.

• 2012: For all major illness you need to fly to Sao Vicente or Praia in Santiago. Brazil was another option that some people preferred, another was Portugal if they had Portuguese passports. But now with the direct flights from and to UK and other parts of Europe, returning 'home' may be required by insurance companies. You may have to wait to see if you can get on a flight which could take a few days.

• Clinitur is a clinic in Santa Maria, they have a number of Doctors that come and work there, some from South America, not all speak English, then some leave and are replaced. They also offer a monthly payment plan for families registered with them, which covers them for certain things. They also have beds for overnight stays which you have to pay for privately and supply your travel insurance information if a tourist.

•Stock up on all medication you think you may need if moving to Sal...although paracetemol is widely available here!

• Question: Someone working over there recommends having all the jabs, as if I was going to live in Africa, is that right? ......... I went to the doctor and asked what jabs to get - I had all the ones they recommended, some people say none are needed, but if your Doctor recommends them, I always think its better to be safe than sorry. *Some people do get adverse affects which could last a while. ANSWER: Check online for medical advice from government websites,

• 2006 - A friend had a problem with a lack of access to medication due her tablets going missing with her luggage. There was a Doctor who spoke English who was willing to see her later that day. He was holding a surgery in the Hotel Rui on one of the evenings. However, my friend decided to try the hospital in Espargos in the morning, the Doctor at the hospital provided a prescription and my friend was able to get her tablets immediately from the Pharmacy.

•Some medicines may need you to obtain a prescription, that’s ok, just take it to the Doctors here or the hospital where there is a Doctor. Medication isn't too expensive.

•It cost me 50euros to have some checks done and be diagnosed with Bronchitis at one Clinic. Then there is a further cost for the medication.

• Someone working here went to one of the hospitals due to having constant stomach pains (2006). Following a brief diagnosis they thought it was serious and said she may need some sort of operation. She went to another hospital and the Doctor there diagnosed a water infection and treated her accordingly. 

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