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Travel - TIPS: Out and About.


It can be chilly in the evenings so bring somethings suitable to wear if out and about.


Many of the roads are cobbled and uneven, some raised cobbles, some cobbled stones may be missing. Hotels should have concreted and tiled floors suitable for various shoe types. Be aware that high heels can be an annoyance to neighbours below, if worn in apartments on tiled floors.


Paths could be uneven, in some places no purpose built pathways, others may include tiled areas which could be slippery if wet.


Some roads will have been asphalted, others cobbled and in other outer areas there may not be a level surface, just dirt and rocks.

Street lighting

Street lighting may not be along many roads and paths, many people carry a torch at night, this helps when or if there is a power cut in evenings when it is dark.

Lotions or sprays

Buy before you travel, as they can be quite expensive if buying in shops, pharmacy or hotels on the islands in Cape Verde. If you buy some in the cheaper 'chinese' shops they will be imported from China and may not have any safety or health standards you will expect from those purchased in European countries. Don't forget mosquito repellent, wet wipes and hygiene gel either.

Electrical goods

If buying electrical goods, you may find them cheaper in some Chinese shops, but again be careful because they will not be made to British or European standards. It has been known for hairdryers, kettles and the like to cause fuses to blow, or more seriously, caught fire.      

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