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Weddings on Sal Island

Please note, before you complete and submit the form:

- We do not offer services to arrange or help to organise legal civil ceremonies on Sal or in Cape Verde.

- We only offer renewal of vows, marriage blessings and symbolic ceremony readings on Sal Island.

- We use a Pastor of the Church of the Nazarene (Evangelical) not a Priest of the Catholic Church! The Pastor has NO legal authority to perform LEGAL MARRIAGES in Cape Verde. As an alternative option and, to save on additional costs for your service, we use a layperson (one of our team) to perform the ceremony reading. A Layperson is generally used for the 'Simplicity Ceremony'.

- We do not provide a ceremony or a service in front of Melia Resorts or the Riu Hotel on Sal, but we do hold Simplicity Ceremonies at other venues not too far away.

However, for those looking for a smaller ceremony, we will still be continuing with our SIMPLICITY PACKAGE.

FAMILY and FRIENDS service.

FORMS: Secure Zone access is only available after completion of the Inquiry Form for the Friends and Family services. Some of the options on the form must be completed before the form will be submitted successfully.

PASSWORD (Secure Zone - F&F service): Please note, for security reasons, we do not obtain or receive your password, we won't know what it is, therefore you must make sure you make note of your password as you will need it, together with the email address that you've confirmed is yours, to LOGIN to the secure zone. You should use a minimum of 6 characters for your password, these can include a mix of capital or lower case letters, numbers or symbols. Once you have LOGGED IN you will have access to the SECURE ZONE wedding pages listed at the bottom of this page.

EMAIL CONFIRMATION: Following the submission of the form you will recieve 3 further emails from us, the FIRST for security purposes will be from ADMIN: which you MUST open to click on the link to CONFIRM your email address. NOTE: However, if you are unsure about clicking on the link in the ADMIN email you receive, please email us. When you receive the ADMIN email, if you do not open it and click on the link to confirm your email, you will NOT be authorised to access the secure zone! If you do NOT find that ADMIN email in your inbox, please check your 'junk' or 'spam' inbox to see if it is in there. The SECOND email you will receive from us will be 'MEMBER ONLY AREA DETAILS' which will include info on your access to the secure zone area and if needed, a request to change your password. The THIRD email you will recieve from us will be headed CAPE VERDE TIPS WEDDINGS.

On completion of the Family and Friends inquiry form and, once you have confirmed your email, you will be able to access the secure zone information via the WEDDINGS-LOGIN .

Here are the Family and Friends Secure Zone Wedding pages you can access (once you have successfully confirmed your email and, as previously explained above).

Wedding Prices - Sal Island

Wedding Information - Sal Island

Wedding Information - Getting Married Abroad

Evangelical Church - Nazarene Matrimonial Service

Blessing and Renewal of Vows

Wedding Venues Sal island

Access to Inquiry Forms

We have set up two different forms, one for each service. Both forms are held on two separate pages that provide information about each of these services. You can find these via 'Simplicity Ceremony' and 'Family and Friends' wedding pages.

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