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Furniture and Electrical Goods


There are also places where you can have furniture (including Kitchens) designed and made, but again check the quality.  Other furniture makers are local craftsmen who don't have any designs/brochures. Others may offer furniture packages.

Owners of newly built apartments have arrived to find that items haven't been installed or snagging not completed etc. Some have had to pay to stay in other apartments as a result of this (at an extra cost).

Try and get assurances from the people responsible for snagging and installation of goods and fitments etc that your apartment is ready to use before you arrive.

If you are still having work carried out on your apartment after your furniture has been supplied, it is not likely that you will be able to have any items replaced if someone damages something in your property whilst working in there. It may be difficult to prove who caused the damage. You will need to consider this at all times, unless you are physically present to oversee the work, which is not always possible if you live and work abroad. You may decide to bring soft furnishings over with you from abroad, or other items which you will leave in your property, so you will need to consider other people using property and possible causing some damage.

There are some furniture suppliers who advertise their services through text links within the page which you can click on, or scan to the right of the page to see if there are businesses advertised within that section.

Also look at what is available or not available on other islands by reading more on furniture in Cape Verde: Furniture in Cape Verde

White goods

There are a few suppliers of quality electrical goods and furniture on the island of Sal and their are many Chinese shops selling West Point fridge freezers and other makes.

Some italian suppliers will bring in their goods from Italy.

British..............................................................from UK.

Portuguese......................................................from Portugal.

I am not sure which goods are made in Taiwan, Asia, Europe or other countries and imported to Cape Verde by furniture or electrical suppliers.

Electrical goods.

You may need good power surge adaptors to help protect fridges, laptops, microwaves etc from power surges following power cuts. Some electrical goods (including extension) leads should be bought from a reputable supplier. Cheap items have been known to become faulty and sometimes dangerous, it's better to be safe than sorry!. Expats sometimes bring their own power surge adaptors from their own country. Don't forget travel plugs too, some can also include power surge protectors.

Those that have second homes in Cape Verde may bring items over as extra luggage, but making sure they are well packed, marked as fragile, but expect to be asked by customs to open packages or boxes. Goods that are clearly new may be subject to customs tax, however if you can show that the item is used, and explain it is for personal use, you may not be expected to pay anything. I use the word 'may' often, as no one can guarantee anything!

Some expats who travel from Cape Verde to the Canaries on shopping trips, may decide to bring items over in their hand luggage such as power tools. There are other expats that have experience of exporting or importing goods by ship or airfreight.

Freight forwarding company

You first need to contact a Freight Forwarding Company that will send airfreight to Cape Verde, usually where there are direct flights. For example there are direct flights from the UK to Sal Island, whereas other countries may only currently have direct flights to Santiago, the capital island of Cape Verde. There are a number of these Freight Forwarding Companies based in the UK so a number of British expats use  these companies to send packages and boxes of items over to Sal Island.

Once the package has arrived at the airport, you go to the airport with some proof of who you are, go to the Cargo Terminal where you will receive your paperwork and you take those with your invoices to a Despachante who will process the paper work on your behalf, this could take a few days or weeks! It's best you contact the Despachante regularly to see whether your paperwork has been processed. Once notified of process you go to the Despachante office pay the taxes and Despachante fees, he/she will give you your paper work from the Despachante which you will then need to take to the Cargo Terminal at the airport, you pay them for storage fees based on a fee per kilo.

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