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Welcome to Cape Verde Tips Travel and Wedding Site

We aim to provide helpful information about Cape Verde. To inform people that there are 10 islands, 9 of which are inhabited. Share information on culture and history, how the islands differ within the Barlavento islands in the north and Sotavento islands in the south, that together they are 'Cape Verde' or 'Cabo Verde'. For those looking for other information we hope you find it here. There is also information on wedding services and activities

Visa Options
Visa for Cape Verde Islands

Find out more about visa's, experiences of Expats, information for British Nationals and from the British Embassy.

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Island Info
Information on Cape Verde Islands

Choose white sandy beaches, walking, sporting activities or inter-island travel. More about what is available on the islands .

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Image for Cape Verde News

Latest news announcements about Cape Verde. You will find further news information within this button link below.

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Travelling to Cape Verde Islands

There are a number of tour operator agencies that offer island tours, inter-island trips, scuba diving, kite and windsurfing, boat trips and more.

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Images of Cape Verde Islands

There are 9 inhabited islands. Plan your trip well and do your research and find out more about the island or islands you would like to visit.

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Wedding Services
Wedding Services Sal Island

We offer non-legal marriage blessings and 'love and devotion' ceremonies in Santa Maria for couples visiting Sal Island on holiday.

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Testimonials - Happy Customers tell Great Stories

Our ceremony organiser, Cheryl, had provided lots of info about our Love and Devotion ceremony. We'd arranged to meet Cheryl soon after our arrival on Sal, so that we could get to know a bit more and see where the ceremony would take place. It was even better than the photos on the website and our organiser explained where and what would happen on the day so we could have a clearer understanding of what would happen. We sat and chatted over a refreshing cool drink. My wife and I felt more relaxed and really happy that we'd made these arrangements.The Love and Devotion ceremony was perfect for us, a great day, some celebration drinks afterwards and some lovely photos to remind us of our special moment in Cape Verde.


Information on the Cape Verde Islands

Find out more about the Cape Verde Islands before you book your holiday.

Fogo Island

Info on-Fogo Island

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Island Information

All about the islands-Check out the islands

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Sao Nicolau Island

-Sao Nicolau

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About Cape Verde Islands

Things about-Cape Verde Islands

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About Weddings Sal Island

Things about- Wedding services on Sal

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Santo Antao Island

-Santo Antao

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Boavista Island

Info on-Boavista Island

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Brava Island

Info on-Brava Island

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Santiago Island

-Santiago Island

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Maio Island

Info on-Maio Island

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Sao Vicente Island

-Sao Vicente

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Sal Island

Things to do on-Sal Island

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Travel Information

There are a number of things you can read about, images to see, activities to book before flying.

More island info
The islands differ, some are mountainous, others flat with white sandy beaches to enjoy.

Information on travel or investor experiences, general information, island trips and more.

Travel experiences, news, people blogs, visa applications by expats, visitors and more.

British and other expats have moved to Cape Verde, most settling on the island of Sal, CV.

Expats Cape Verde
Info for expats and visitors. British, Irish, Italian, Portuguese and other nationalites in CV

Property types, quality of build, condominium management will vary. Carry out more research!

Property in Cape Verde
The good, the bad and the inbetween, property, investment queries when looking to buy.

Sal is still way ahead as regards dealing with tourism, but there is still a lot more to be done!

Sal Island
Tourist Information

There are frequently asked questions and answers which may be useful and some contact details.

Visa Info
Tourist visa's and more. What some visitors and investors do when they need to extend their visa.