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Welcome to our news page. We have kept the template for this news page specifically for those who have previously subscribed to receive our 'Expats Cape Verde Newsletter'. It provides translated links to articles from the Cape Verde newspaper 'A Semana' as well as other useful links to consuls etc. However, we have made some amendments to the template.

We will continue to provide a newsletter from Sal Island as this is where we are based. The newsletter was previously weekly, however it will be sent out less frequently due to commitments to developing other services.

You can subscribe to receive the newsletter (FREE).

Latest news

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Tourist Entry Visa - May 2017

Check out the article concerning the tourist visa for Cape Verde which has been translated from Portuguese using Google. Tourist Entry Visa update – as reported in ‘ Expresso das Ilhas’ – 18th May 2017 The .. +

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Latest news on Tourist Entry Visa for Cape Verde

Tourist Visa update - 18th May 2017 - ENG 30-May-2017 Check out the article concerning the tourist visa for Cape Verde which has been translated from Portuguese using Google Translate. Tourist Entry V.. +

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Casino on Santiago Island

Cabo Verde’s Gamble: Chinese Island-Building in the Atlantic Macau Legend Development Ltd (Macau Legend), led by billionaire David Chow, has begun constructing a $275-million casino complex (http://www.macaulege.. +

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Tourist Entry Visa - April 2017

The following article was Google translated from Portuguese to English: The executive led by Ulisses Correia e Silva is creating conditions so that from next month (May 2017) European citizens will be exempt fro.. +

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Cesária Évora - Apple Music Playlist

This very poor and isolated nation won international recognition through the beautiful voice of Cesaria Evora (1941-2011), a singer nicknamed the barefoot diva. Evora grew up in extreme poverty and sang in bars for d.. +

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Cabo Verde Registers more planes and passengers in 2016

The number of passengers handled at Cabo Verde’s (Cape Verde’s) airports in 2016 increased by 10.1% to 2.1 million and aircraft rose 9.1% to a total of 30,200, according to 2016 transport statistics published.. +

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First Casino in Cape Verde opens on the island of Sal

Casino Royal, the first gaming venue in Cabo Verde (Cape Verde) opened on Thursday on the island of Sal. The project is attached to the Hilton Hotel and cost 5 million euros, the Cape Verdean press reported. The.. +

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Cape Verde has 223 accommodation units at the end of 2016

The number of hotel units in Cabo Verde (Cape Verde) grew by 3.1% in 2016 to 223, according to the annual inventory conducted by the National Statistics Institute (INE) and published on Wednesday in Praia. The ex.. +

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Further studies needed for work on runway at Santo Antao Island, Cape Verde.

The Minister of Economy and Employment, José Gonçalves, said this weekend in Santo Antão that work for the construction of the future airport in Porto Novo, in the locality of Casa do Meio, will really move forward. .. +

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Cape Verde Fishing Centre

Fishing activities on Sal are becoming more popular i.e. deep sea, blue marlin, trolling and vertical jigging. Click here for more info: http://www.capeverdetips.co.uk/deep-sea-fishing-cape-verde.. +


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Cape Verde Islands
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All the islands differ, some are more populated, with more expats than others. Some islands are popular with sun seekers who love white sandy beaches, others are mountainous with no white sandy beaches and maybe less populated.

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