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News 2020 - Cape Verde - July

News 2020 - Cape Verde - July


News from Cape Verde - July 2020

If you haven't followed the news page for March 17th - 31st May 2020 or the June News, then you can view those news posts by clicking on:

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July News: The links below will take you to the full articles that appear in the news during July 2020, which are uploaded onto this page every day (when possible).

If you are having difficulties understanding the information in the articles, Google provides a free translation option. A number of people use Google Chrome for translations. Translations of PDF's are not be provided by us..

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9th - The day in review (Expresso das Ilhas - 9.7.20)

8th - This Tuesday, health authorities confirmed yet another death associated with the new coronavirus in the city of Praia, Santiago. (RCV - 8.7.20)

8th - 43 new cases today, none on Sal. (Opais - 8.7.20)

8th - Covid-19: Virology laboratory installed in Sal ready to start operating from July 10th. (Sapo - 8.7.20)

8th - Cape Verde wants recovery with 30-year loans to be paid after 2025. (Expresso das Ilhas - 8.7.20)

8th - Wedding Services provided by Cape Verde Tips on Sal Island - Notice of changes being introduced! (Cheryl - 8.7.20)

7th - The day in review and ....one more death. (Expresso das Ilhas - 7.7.20)

7th - 37 more new cases: 25 on Santiago, 12 on Sal. (Opais - 7.7.20)

7th - Non-Portuguese or foreign nationals without residence in Portugal who do not have a negative test on COVID-19 on arrival must do so at the airport and pay and the company that transported them will have fines of 1,000 euros / passenger. (Sapo - 7.7.20)  

7th - Ilha Brava recorded the fall of the first precipitation yesterday, in the late afternoon.Yesterday's rains lasted about half an hour, enough to wet the land and revive the hopes of the countrymen.(Opais - 7.7.20)

6th - Cases today: total 12, all on the island of Santiago. (Opais - 6.7.20)

6th - The island of Sal now has the first aircraft simulator 737 800 - NG (new generation), in an investment of 120 thousand dollars by the Angolan businessman Carlos Pinto. Its situated in the Socol Shopping Centre. (Sapo - 6.7.20)

6th - Good video of Sal (14min).... tourism based....effects of virus on tourism and employment. (Sapo - 3.7.20)

5th - One more person passed away on the island of Santiago. Positive cases today: Santiago Island has 16 more infections, Sal plus 7, and Ribeira Brava de São Nicolau plus 8. (Opais -5.7.20)

5th - Cape Verde celebrates today (5th July), 45 years of Independence. (Opais - 4.7.20)

4th - Technicians must arrive in Sal on Sunday to install a diagnostic center. (Mindel Insite - 4.7.20)

3rd - Cape Verde sets a new daily record for Covid-19. There are 83 new cases, of these 63 are on Santiago and 20 on Sal Island. (Opais - 3.7.20)            

3rd - Passengers will pay 885 euros to return to Portugal on a TAP repatriation flight. (Noticias do Norte - 3.7.20)  

2nd - Patients without symptoms in Cape Verde begin to perform home isolation. (Sapo - 2.7.20)

2nd - Passengers traveling to Portugal have already started to be tested for covid-19. (Noticias do Norte - 2.7.20)

2nd - Cidade da Praia registered 19 more cases, Santa Catarina de Santiago, 11, Santa Cruz, 2 and Sal Island 1. (Opais - 2.7.20)  

1st - Tino Mosso is the PAICV candidate for the presidency of the municipal council of Sal. (Expresso das Ilhas - 1.7.20)       

1st - Covid-19. 35 more cases are registered on Santiago Island, 5 on Sal Island. (Opais - 1.7.20)  

1st - The National Director of Health, Artur Correia, reiterated yesterday, 30, that the fight against the covid-19 in Cape Verde will only be won if there is a “strong involvement” of all civil society actors. (Sapo - 1.7.20)

1st - the lay-off extension to private sector companies and their workers comes into effect today (RCV - 1.7.20)


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